ING Financial

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Insider in Yorba Linda, California

101 months ago

This was the worst enviroment I have ever worked for, a true boiler room!

Sue in Wilmington, DE in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

99 months ago

Does ING do credit background and drug testing? Just wondering in case I need to get Doctors notes for my prescription meds.

former employee in Arvada, Colorado

97 months ago

They will lie to you just to get you into this wretched company. Then you get to work long hrs 7 days a week w/no training. The most frustrating 6 months of my 20 year career were spent at ING

greendesign in West Hartford, Connecticut

97 months ago

Worst company to work for. Work endless hours. Sweatshop

BenC in Enfield, Connecticut

81 months ago

greendesign in West Hartford, Connecticut said: Worst company to work for. Work endless hours. Sweatshop

What location/division were you in? I'm interviewing for an internal client relations manager spot with their (401K) CRM strategy team in Windsor.

Quarkbar in Florida

65 months ago

I got out of this environment too. Reminded me of something out of Charles Dickens. Management constantly looking over your shoulder, and also looking over THEIR shoulder. Everyone wondering when the axe will fall. I liked my colleagues in my department but that wasn't reason enough for staying for such low pay. Salaries were frozed 3 years straight and I thought it was that way all over, but no there are companies that are growing and treat their employees nicely. In Jacksonville, ING took away all the "extras"--plastic silverware in the break rooms, and office supplies. We had to supply our own pens, paper. Yet I was very dedicated--kept working there in hopes things would change.

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