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What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are inevitable?

How does Intuit stack up against the competition?

Z in The Colony, Texas

100 months ago

I heard that they just laid off about 80 people today in Plano. Some who had been there 18 years. Crazy! It's a tough place to work and when they go into cost cutting mode, nobody is safe.

Joanne in Cleveland, Ohio

100 months ago

It seems to be a revolving door. Jobs are posted for months, yet you can't get a response when you apply.

Layoffs seem to be a regular thing. It's as though they hire people and then dump them when they want to look a little more profitable. I know of a couple ex-employees who left the company as soon as they realized how they worked. Consider any position with them as being short term.

Jim in Fairfield, Ohio

94 months ago

I heard they laid off call center workers. Do they also layoff IT workers. I just got an offer from Intuit. Please advise.

Joanne in Cleveland, Ohio

94 months ago

Well I don't work there. I applied for a job with them over a year ago, and they finally asked me to interview recently. Too late, I got another job. I don't know why they assumed I was sitting around being unemployed waiting for them. I knew another person who was offered a job, but he found out that they needed to get approval from the office in California and it was all on hold. So, he never did get a job with them.

If it is a good offer and you need a job, take it. If you have a job, I'd be reluctant to switch at this point. If you take it and it doesn't work out you can quit. Personally I do not like an employer that treats job seekers like they are all replaceable.

Gail Houston in San Diego, California

93 months ago

I am an internal recruiter with Intuit and wanted to let you know if there is an interest in an opening with Intuit you are welcome to send a resume to me along with the position number and I will make sure your resume is reviewed. I also encourage you to apply on line as well but this is another avenue you are welcome to use. send resume to - make sure to mention you saw this comment on indeed.

I have worked in the recruiting industry for 20 years and help run a recruiters network...I have found that Intuit has been a great place to work. I have been here a little over 1 year and have found the employees to be very friendly and helpful. One new hire recently stated she was suprised that everyone was so nice - smiling and saying hello in the hallways...

Mike Veyron in San Diego, California

93 months ago

Intuit has the 'nice' attitude initially, but a lot goes on behind closed doors. Lots of clicks and incompetent management. If you like long-hours and walking on glass with over-the-top PC bs, then it's the place to be.

tommy_gunn in San Diego, California

89 months ago

Mike if you are still browsing this board, can you comment more on the San Diego location? I am considering trying to get in at that location as a Senior Account Executive - Digital Insight. Any info on this position, Digital Insight group, or the SD location in general? Thanks

Transactional Sales in Plano, Texas

88 months ago

There are more layoffs even February 2008 on "transactional work" and operations. They are moving toward outsourcing lower level sales where 3 years ago it was just lower level operations. ROI seems to be the driver.

SarahBellum in Cleveland, Ohio

75 months ago

More layoffs at IRES (Intuit Real Estate Solutions) in Highland Hills in March, 2009. 39 employees were terminated this time, including many long time employees. Engineering took the biggest hit. They are planning to outsouce a lot of engineering work to India. Lovely. They are also looking to move the headquarters out of Highland Hills (Cleveland) in the summer of 2009. Lovely.

IRES has been doing quite well over the past several years due to the hard work of its employees, but that apparently means nothing. At Intuit, its all about the bottom line and that is a real shame.

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