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JustPlainHonest in Metairie, Louisiana

49 months ago

I will first start off by saying I absolutely LOVED my former coworkers! I was a PB at a very small branch and everyone just gelled for the most part. For the past year, I have been on the discretionary and customer service incentive plan. My base was 30K (crappy) and I was being allocated $400-$600 monthly as well as any additional commissions I made off of deposit accounts, loans, lines, cc, etc. The vacation policy has also been revamped. The starting vacay policy is now 21 days. Pretty darn sweet if I do say so myself, as well as 9 holidays, 6 six days, 3 personal days and the ability to earn float holidays. Sounds great huh? WEll here comes the DOWNFALL...Recently Jamie Dimon has decided to change the incentive plan that was changed less than a year ago already. The new customer service and discretionary incentive is now 0-500 monthly as well as dropping the points value on some products lower, with the ability to earn additional "points" monthly which equate to cash. On average I was making about 650-750 monthly in addition to my base. With the new plan, the monthly incentive will probably average 400-600 monthly. Not only don't they give much of a raise, but they want to drop the incentive plan???? This company is crazy and ridiculously demanding. The managers sit on their butts and live by their own personal schedule. The freaking districts keep getting realigned so we don't even have a consistent DM. So happy I'm done with this place. Overall, not the worse company to work for , the compensation is just really low for some VERY HARD work.

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