I left Chase and will never go back!

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Gone4good in Columbus, Ohio

9 months ago

Chase Bank is without a doubt the most unhealthy company I have ever worked for. They drive their employees like chickens producing eggs. Unless you produce, produce, produce for them, they treat you like crap. They don't care if you are sick, or have a serious illness to cope with. What is even worse is the people who do produce are allowed to get away with murder...cuss, bug others, call off and even bully other employees, yet the company does absolutely nothing to them since they "produce." In fact, instead, they tend to blame the victim.

I worked for the company for over 7 years and always felt like I was never appreciated (even though I did tons of over time, and worked as hard as I could), just because I only "met" the company's expectations, and did not "exceed" them. Yet, I know I did exceed them, they just chose to never acknowledge this.

Basically, you work your butt off for them, and get pushed around by a lot of very arrogant managers, and deal with with competitive (very) cut throat fellow employees.

If you like an environment that is highly competitive, and you are more driven by money, power, and greed, then you will do well at Chase. I finally decided I am better than this, so i walked out.

Thanks to God, I already have a phone interview with a good company on Monday. God is good....I am so glad i am gone from this sick company.

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