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What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are inevitable?

How does JCPenney stack up against the competition?

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112 months ago

Absolutely, JCPenney will survive! With the addition of SEPHORA boutiques, its newest and largest initiatve! Mike Ullman is really changing things up a bit...first time a retailer has endorsed making an emotional connection with the guest...EVERY DAY really does MATTER.

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anonymous in Fredericksburg, Virginia

71 months ago

In 2008 JCP cut over 200 store management positions. The store that I worked at lost it's assistant sales manager and I bet if you were to survey the associates, 90 out of 100 would have told you that they canned the wrong man. Now that they have layed off all of the ASMs and SSMs that they can, they will start re-allocating work and laying off or demoting department managers and supervisors, and they are already famous for cutting even minimum wage associates hours. In 2009, they invested in a time-consuming, and money-devouring program; a new method to designate exactly which rack new stock that is received will be placed on the following day, or if it should be placed in a stockroom. You might ask, what is the purpose of deciding where to put something when you can't even see it? Most JCPenney stores receive 4 to 5 merchandise shipments per week, therefore, this program increased the workload for each department manager or supervisor by an average of 5 hours per week, (without an increase in their weekly hours) so that they could cut the hours of their replenishment staff, thus making thousands of positions go from full-time to part-time so that they would not have to pay out the benefits like paid holidays off, paid vacation and paid sick leave. Now, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that if the supervisor's and manager's scheduled hours were not increased to compensate for this, then something is not getting done that was before. Chances are, the sacrifice is the service consumers receive. In 2011, count on JCPenney yet again to reduce it's supervisory staff and start opening it's doors later every morning and closing earlier like many Belk stores resorted to last year. JCPenney just doesn't get it. It's hard to smile and take care of customers when you feel like your head is going to explode from all the added work. Their employees are over-worked and under paid, and management keeps shoving customer service survey scores down everyone's throat

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changeisnotgood in Richmond, Virginia

54 months ago

I just watched my entire schedule get cut for the week. Apparently the MEM had to cut 40 hours, and took 12 of my 19 hours this week. And the fact that they dont even call you to tell you not to come in. What a waste of gas. I was part of the pricing team, and have seen my hours go from 37+ . I even pulled a few hours of over time each week. My old store manager appreciated the hard work I did outside of pricing by making sure my AOR was set each month, so I could get my job done, and replenishment's job was easier too. All because the supervisor is the laziest person I ever saw. Now, im left with nothing, and the people getting all the hours are suck ups and on power trips, and have no clue whats going on.

I just applied for benefits since hours were cut. Apparently our schedules had to be cut to afford Ellens salary.

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Ms Laid Off in Valdosta, Georgia

54 months ago

I definitely agree and see where you are coming from. At the store I work for I first saw the pricing people get done away with and some had been with the company for 10 plus years. Then after all the days working the register, slaving for long hours to clean the store just to be able to go home at night and crap like telling customers they were now only limited to one coupon and then no coupons at all. I thought it was worth it because I am a hardworking loyal employee and the schedule in convenient for school, but loyalty means nothing. Apparently making JCP Americas favorite store involves cutting out the people who have been working hard to help you get there. So thank you JCP for laying me off. Maybe people are right about some of the stuff they say. I know Ellen used to work for JC Penney back in the day, but I'm sure her salary is way more than the minimum wage everyone else gets, way more than the 4 cent raise I got last year and hmm the new CEO. All I'm a say is I don't believe laying off thousands of Americans is the way to become Americas favorite store!

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nick in Somerville, Massachusetts

54 months ago

I think they will survive, but only by exploiting workers who will work for minimum wage. Most times that I am in their stores, their employees are nice and helpful to the point of me wondering what chemical is in the break room water bottle. They have no reason to be so helpful, but they mostly treat it like they're mighty grateful to be there.

As compared to Sears, which is obviously going out of business. They are also minimum wage, but their management stinks from the top down, and the difference between cheerleaders (JCP) and no cheerleaders shows.

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anikawilliams in Los Angeles

48 months ago

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