I just got hired with JC Penney's what should I expect during orientation?

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mr_g-live in Brooklyn, New York

83 months ago

How long did they take before the hiring manager called you for training?

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mr_g-live in Brooklyn, New York

83 months ago

I doubt all stores are the same. The flagship store in Manhattan Mall New York is the best! They really treat their employees great there......though its sort of new, three months ole to be exact!!.....

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TruthBtold in Minerva, Ohio

40 months ago

AGREED -JCP is a horrible company to work for. The Polaris Fashion Place Mall - a testing store for the "Wonderful New Ideas" has the same "management plays favorites to extremes" style. (luckily i was on the favorites list), but found asking questions and bringing solutions to problems at hand was a No,NO! imo(in my opinion) being recognized for simple things that you are required to do anyways is pointless, its like saying you deserve a gold star for knowing that 2+2=4. Going above and beyond your normal duties deserves being recognized, but apparently the work force here from what they're telling me is quite pathetic.

And yes the "Pay freeze" is a corporate ploy to save them money, yet the corporate higher ups still get bonuses, their pay isn't frozen, and have nice fat pensions waiting for them. Rich get richer and the poor get poorer- go figure.

They even were selling magazine subscriptions, which had never been done for the years that i worked there. It just seemed to clash with the identity they were trying to push. It seems unethical to tell our customers how to rate us, It should be their choice, not being "brainwash" -AGREED- into it.

And don't bother asking questions or giving suggestions to your supervisors or managers or store managers about new policies, or things that seem to not make sense or be logical, no no no. Most likely they don't understand them either, or fear losing their job if they ask "Questions". but Isn't that part of their job? Employees have concerns, they ask the super- and super discusses it with store management. But to be told "Yeah, i don't know" ?!?!? by your Store manager is a sign that bad things are about to happen, this ship is a sinking.

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Danielle haefs in Carrollton, Texas

28 months ago

I am good folering clothers neatly

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