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John in Williamson, New York

95 months ago

Working for Johnson & Johnson is like working for the Mafia, don't disrespect the family and show me the money....Take it from someone who knows very well how horrible of a place this is to work.

joe in Lyndhurst, New Jersey

95 months ago

i agree

spudboy in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts

95 months ago

Dead on my friend.
THE worst company I have ever worked for. Be prepared to kiss some serious ass or you'll get treated like dirt. Don't even bother with this hell-hole.

Robyn in San Francisco, California

93 months ago

Here's my complaint with J&J:
Started the job on Monday, didn't get a computer or phone until the following Monday. Spent 1 week reading procedures that contradicted and made no sense. Asked for help from my manager, she said she had no time, maybe next week. In my opinion, people get promoted to manager here because they kiss ass, not because they have ability or training. They claim to be the best company for hiring women, probably because they can pay them less! The have lots of parties, but the temps can go to them because they are doing all the work.

Awful Experience in Morro Bay, California

93 months ago

Worked for a year at JNJ.

Took 4 mos to realize JNJ didn't care about anyone less than upper management.

Nurses beware, do some reaseard before accepting a job with jnj.

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