How reliable is Kforce?

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BigMan in Macungie, Pennsylvania

18 months ago

Just sharing my story,

About a week ago I applied for a job through KF...I'm broke with solid work experience and growth for a 24 year old so I spam applied to a lot of opportunities. So far KF was the only company to get back to me, and it seems to be going well. The initial phone interview was quite easy, basically just a guy re-reading the job to me and re-checking my information, pretty standard. I've dealt with a local staffing agency and worked at so I'm used to easy interviews. I was told to re-submit my final edition of my resume and emailed a link to formally apply for the position again. The pay rate they offered was very generous in my opinion, but that was because of a lack of benefits which is ok with me since I'm young and still covered by my parents. The position I'm applying for clearly states direct-hire all over it, so I expect to be directly hired by the company I'm going to work for. This evening I decided to really do some research on KF and I've found a mixed bag of +/- reviews. I now have a fear that this "direct hire" business might be all talk so I printed out a page of their website and the job description in order to protect myself. I'll try to remember to make another post in the future to help out anyone else in a situation like mine.

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