Agency ask this question "Have you being interview by any agency"

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looking for a job in Fremont, California

78 months ago

I have went to couple of agency such as kelly service, Robert Half, Teksystem,etc and pretty much all agency ask me this question. I am little surprise when they ask me this question. I don't know why they want to know but in my mind, I get kind of suspicious. and sometime I don't know what to reply them.

Some of my suspicious are:
for example, I went to Teksystem and got interview. for some reason, Teksystem might think I am not very professional or some kind of criteria they think I am not a good fit. They will ask me "have you interview by anybody or by any agency?" Sometime, I say this is my first time.

Now, I go to Robert Half and they ask me the same question "have you interview by anybody or by any agency?", If I answer yes, I went to Teksystem.

Does Robert Half call Teksystem about me, what do they think about me? if Teksystem say "he is not very professional, etc, etc, something bad", then Robert Half will say, ok he is not that great, not professionally so I won't make contact with him or something like that. Do agency talk to each other about their candidate?

or they want to know you went to all these agency and you couldn't get a job so they might think he is not a good candidate.

I thought they should focus on you to find a job and not focus what agency you went.

I am just kind of new to the contract agency

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Lupe Gonzalez in Plano, Texas

78 months ago

The reason they ask where else you have interviewed, is so that they can find out which companies are hiring. Then, they can call that company and do a sales pitch. Temp agencies use job candidates to mine them for information.

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looking for a job in Oakland, California

77 months ago

Thanks for the feedback,
I think you are right,

I just went for an interview for a company. Couple of agency call me that they have job opportunity and the agency ask me "Have you interview by any company?, the reason we ask so we don't send you for that company if you did have an interview with them, it just make our agency look bad". I say yes, I got interview by this company "xyz". Then the agency ask me, do you know the person that interview you?
Then I gave him/her the person name who interview me.

then, I was thinking, why the need to know the person name!!! I guess like you say, they are going to call the company and speak with that person to see if they are hiring and if yes, they will send some other guy to get the job.

man, next time if they ask this question, I would say "I couldn't get the interview name, he/she say they will contact my agency and let me know the status"

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Lupe Gonzalez in Plano, Texas

77 months ago

These recruiters are such liars. They should say the real reason they want all this info.

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