Kelly Services home advisor job-PLEASE HELP

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borntoflyhigh in New York, New York

58 months ago

This job is indefinite meaning has no set contract I believe...I believe this position has been going a few years right now and just relax your job is permanent!!!

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Speak out about Bad Employers in Clementon, Illinois

49 months ago

Stay far far away is my advice. Sure, sure, in training it's all rosy and looking good. You get comfortable, you start doing super well and you're promised promotion. Then, all of a sudden, without warning, they turn on you. You find out through the grapevine and through friendly videos from the head boss that they've ramped up too far for upcoming client call vol, that's why you are sitting for 15 min at a time with no calls coming in. You're told as long as you bring in the satisfaction surveys,get good metrics, you're set, you'll get almost 40 hrs assigned to you, another lie. Most of my training class was stuck with under 40 hrs,most are35 or less most of us. Take the story of my good friend and coworker. If the notoriously horrible call software disconnects a caller and/or a caller disconnects on you, and/or you have an internet issue or what is more likely, someone else tries to logon to your assigned extension because they've "overassigned" them and you are bumped off, management accuses emp of "call avoidance" not to mention it also happened to be a date when your own boss was changing your status through their remote desktop without your permission.. yes, very sly, very deceitful hiring practices. Of course, most folks know that about this fact in this econ, however, don't be lured in by the promises Kelly Connect doesn't keep. They are running a wheelhouse virtual call center, where they can hire, then fire as many as possible, once the top perfs get them the numbers for the month to keep Kelly at the top and the client happy,you're gone.They promise you all sorts of things, you're told that you will work a full time position then, they started cutting hrs. They take control of your computer without your permission, often without you even being aware.Many Caught them changing statuses all the time and reported it to boss, boss throws immature histronic fits, blame pushed back on emps.Borderline harrassment too.No,stay away, far far away.

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