What's the company culture at Knowledge Learning Corporation?

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Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Knowledge Learning Corporation?

Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers?

What is a typical day in the life of an employee at Knowledge Learning Corporation?

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jenchast in Michigan

108 months ago

to little time to get the job done
you get only 15 min to clean your class room even if you where given no warning on all your children being shifted and the room is a mess
they have a corp rule about not doing work of the clock but you get no prep time for your class room

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looking in Portland, Oregon

106 months ago

The group at their Portland HQ is really disorganized. I interviewed for an IT position late last year. My second round was scheduled after two months of waiting. The IT manager stiffed me on two successive phone appointments, then meekly told my recruiter that my experience wasn't adequate, and I was no longer being considered for the position. I really feel like they teased me the whole time.

A former employee told me that KLC had a failed Oracle Teleservice implementation two years ago that cost several people their jobs. This replacement crew doesn't seem like a big improvement. They're trying to keep up with expansion plans currently under way in Asia (India, Singapore, China). If you're interested in KLC, you probably need to go through a recruiting firm. Their HR staff is naive and overwhelmed. The Director of IT Integrations is Tricia Douglas. Don't be shocked if this lady flakes on you.

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maggi in San Jose, California

91 months ago

I believe that this Corporation gives it's director and admin staff little to no training on how to hire.
After being called by the director with a "tentative" employment offer only 2 hrs after my first interview, I arrived at the 2nd interview 2 days later and was formally offered the teacher position, with me signing a letter of offer listing the beginning date of my employment, the rate of pay and etc. My hours were verbally re-iterated, the dress code discussed, and ONLY at this time was I advised there was a 3 month on-site training period (even though I have almost a decade of ECE teaching experience) for new teachers.
The director at this time advised that she would have to get the "OK" to hire from HER supervisor (district super?) in order to make the letter of offer good and this would happen within the next 2 days. This looked like a case of putting the cart before the horse and sent up a red flag for me, as professional corporations do not issue a letter of offer if they are not secure in their decision to employ (I have both hired and fired people in my work experience), but I thought perhaps this part of the KLC hiring process.
I waited 2 days to get confirmation of my employment from the director, then I called her to find out if I was indeed employed by KLC. The director said she had not connected with her supervisor and told me to call in a couple days. I knew by this time that the teaching position offer was being rescinded, but bided ny time for 2 more days, then called again. Same story, the director still had not discussed my employment with her supervisor. Please note that at no time did the director call me to explain the delay in response.
On the date I was supposed to begin employment, I called agian and was advised that I had been "ok'ed" by corporate but in the last 2 days the school had lost some tuition revenue and they could not hire anyone at this time!
I think it more likely that they hired another person and left me dangling.

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la Mula in Portland, Oregon

70 months ago

BAD: 40 or more of the 160 people who work at the corporate office are managers and above. The company motto is "all for one and then some" so if you are good at making your manager look good, expect to be locked away and fed through a hole while you work 80+ hour weeks. Don't expect anything more than the position and salary you were originally offered (which is about 20% below market and falling) for the rest of your career.

GOOD: Corporate is located about 100 feet from a MAX stop.

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maggi in San Jose, California

70 months ago

la Mula-- good luck with that KLC career (and kudos for taking public transit!). At least there are still a few employers in the ECE field that are not corporate owned and operated but those numbers are dwindling fast. It's a sad situation but one that is be-fitting a corporate,revenue-driven society.
The only ones that might suffer the fall-out are the children and those who care about them. Not much of a price to pay, right?

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