Kohl's Corporation Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits.

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What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Kohl's Corporation?

What do you like best about working at Kohl's Corporation? Are there any great perks or special treats for employees?


95 months ago

Kohls does not pay very well that is for sure. I have been there now it will be 10 years in Oct., I am a dept. lead and I do not make $10.00 an hour yet!!! Especially for the amount of work you have.

Suzanne Larente in Ft Worth, Texas

95 months ago

In worked for Kohls in Michigan a few years back and got 8.50 hrly and treated very good
It was for xmas help but I was asked to stay on but not enough hrs for me to stay. the worst thing is too many cheifs and not enough indians.

kristinac in AJ, Arizona

91 months ago

HI, I am looking to get a job for Holiday help at Kohls. Can you tell me what the person does for the night shift, that has to do with signage? Is this an easy job? They want me to work from 7pm to 2am.


Mary Terner in Fresno, California

76 months ago

Most importantly, we value honesty and high ethical standards. We're a family and our Associates respect themselves and each other. -

It is a big lie.
If some employees see that you are very cleaver and fast and have many good suggestions, they treat you as a piece of junk. I just started to work in a new Kohl's store and already felt in on my own. They smile in your face, pretending to be your friend, but behind your back they saying bad things about you.

Shaina Desotelle in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

70 months ago

Shaina Desotelle in Milwaukee, Wisconsin said: I worked in the store for 4 years. The wage is not worth the amount of work you have to do, especially if you work in a department versus just working the register. I started at $7.00 and was only at $8.50 when I left four years later.

However, if you're interested in jobs at the corporate office, the pay is very good. (I know this because my fiance and my father both work for the corporate office, and both formerly work at store level.) There are a lot more benefits working at the corporate level, not only in pay, but in what corporate employees are offered and how they are treated. (Apparently sitting in cubicles is much harder than actually working in the store... That's the only way I can understand why there is such a pay gap.)

But, to answer the question more directly:

-health and dental insurance for full and part-time employees
-401K option after working for year (could be longer, I don't remember)
-discounts at certain companies including Apple, 24Hr. Fitness, Verizon Wireless, etc known as Kohl's perks
-15% employee discount on all merchandise except gift cards and Kohl's Cares for Kids merchandise

Starting Pay/Bonuses/Raises:
-$7.50 (starting in store, non-management)/ $30-40K (starting corporate, depending on job)
-yearly raise 3-5%, based on performance (store level; i don't know what raises are like on a corporate level)
-no additional bonuses at store level; don't know about bonuses at corporate

-store level: no travel necessary unless you are a store manager
-corporate: depends on department and position held

Cindy lohan in South Lyon, Michigan

65 months ago

I've worked for Kohls for over 8yrs. I used to think it was a fun and professional place to work. But recently the company make a dramatic changes. I don't have living family in the state I live. And I haven't seen my health failing father in 2yrs for the holidays. I worked one day a week. And gave advanced notice of over 2 months for this time off. I was told no one gets the holiday off. Since this might be the last time I see my father for the holidays, I told them I was going no matter what. Instead of communicating any problems or threats, they mearly stopped scheduling me. Very mature. Knowing I was being "punished" I didn't bother asking why. But called every week to see if I'd be put on the schedule. No hours. And for 8wks this went on. I've even ask, and got the run-a-round. (Mind you we got a fairly new store mgr) But the store mgr spoke nothing. Morale at this Kohls was at an all time low. Even an 02 (support mgr) Quit because of this SM. And she's been there before it was even Kohls some 15yrs. I've even made a call to the Corp Office. Only to see him assume it was me. My work ethic was in question. Why would I wait 8wks. (I have another job and not into games.) Now going into 9wks without notice. I talked to another mgr at Kohls to get what was once a nice mgr turned PitBull hang up on me because I didn't believe her lame excuse. Which was that they had to hire someone to fill my shoes of one day of absent. I don't know about the rest of the Kohls store's but I know this, they are doing house cleaning and no longer professional about it. To this day they have yet to tell me what's going on. Today I did get a phone call but knowing I am not going to be employed, I refuse to call back. I have never seen a poor performance at a nationwide business act so poorly. By the way, I made $11.15 an hour. Obviously, that's what I think lost me that job. But very unprofessional about handling it. I'd never shop that company again.

rrb86 in Houston, Texas

50 months ago

Ive been @ kohls for 2 yrs..im a supervisor.the pay isnt good unless you are a supervisor and even better if you are a manager. They pay the new part timers minimum wage currently. very flexible easy to work in.very childish at times. as she said earlier, they will politely not schedule you, or lose your notes you write or even lose your app if you are trying to move up and they dont approve

Courtney in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

48 months ago

I started at Kohl's in Oct. '10 in New Jersey, making $7.45/hr (I had 2 other jobs while I lived there, so the low pay wasn't a huge deal). I ended up being a manager-favorite, lots of customer comments, a "credit guru" as one of my managers called me, and even earned "sale", "people", and "credit" pins within only 3 months. When I asked for a transfer down to Kohl's here in FL, my manager's even tried to bribe me with trying to get me more hours so I would stay. That being said, even though I went above and beyond, I never got a raise after my 90 days, like I have read they give. 8 months later, even though I'm well liked at my new store in FL, I've still yet to receive a raise. The praise you (usually) receive is nice (good to know you're appreciated), but praise doesn't pay my bills. Now that I'm down to one job, living away from home, it'd be nice to be rewarded in a monetary sense. Although I generally enjoy my job, I may have to leave soon because of the lack of pay and the hours (when it's busy, you get around 20-25, holidays--you'll be worked ragged...when it's not busy, getting 15-20 is what you're looking at). In fact, I just had a woman who started here in FL after I did, quit due to the previously stated reasons. Being hired as seasonal help, then leaving is probably the best bet with Kohl's, unfortunately.

mh1983 in Mississippi

48 months ago

Sadly, they don't just give raises randomly bc ur doing a good job. After ur 90 day raise (some districts don't even do that anymore), u wont get another one until ur yearly review is processed which is in August.

KnowsQuiteABit in Lincolnton, North Carolina

40 months ago

kohl assoicate in Memphis, Tennessee

23 months ago

new jersey in New Jersey said: Ive been working in kohls for 4 years now. I am a supervisor now for a year and i do make 12 an hour full time . I love working there and it is a friendly place to work.

Wow! I been working at Kohl's for 7 years as a department lead and I haven't even seen 12 dollars yet, You are definitely blessed!

Gatpl1985 in Corpus Christi, Texas

5 months ago

Lately I've been getting 3hr shifts and the least amount of hrs are suppose to be 4.

Gatpl1985 in Corpus Christi, Texas

5 months ago

denice said: Kohls does not pay very well that is for sure. I have been there now it will be 10 years in Oct., I am a dept. lead and I do not make $10.00 an hour yet!!! Especially for the amount of work you have.

When I became a part time sup. I started out at 10.50 and that was over 5yrs ago. But lately the full time sups. Have only been getting started off with $9.

JDSINSPIRED in Stafford, Virginia

5 months ago

I left Kohls 7 months ago...it was a dead end job. Employees are not appreciated as reflected by the hourly rates and annual raises. Many of their retail employees have to work 2-3 jobs to make ends meet, while corporate kohls is getting richer and richer. I think all retail employees should organize a boycott; walk out, and see how kohls responds. Just because someone does not have a formal education doesn't mean a company should abuse that, and kohls does just that. They take advantage of innocent hardworking people to line their pockets.

Posguy in Memphis, Tennessee

2 months ago

I know this question was asked like 6 years ago, but it's still relevant. I've been working for Kohl's for about 4 months, and it's been great. Reading some of the reviews here makes me think the manager makes or breaks the experience. Some of these people just have high standards for an extremely basic job.

Some definite benefits: you get 15% off the whole store, and what they don't tell you is that you can use other percentages on top of that. Get a 30% coupon? Now you can get 45% off. Last year, for one weekend, associates got 35% off the store instead of 15%, and there was a 20% off coupon going around as well. I got twice as many Christmas presents that year - 55% off is a HUGE deal, not to mention I got Kohl's Cash on top.

I love my managers. I won't go into too much detail, but they're all extremely reasonable with me and customers, fun to be around, and communicative. They often let me work more often than I'm scheduled for, depending upon the time of year. If I have something to do, I am given the time off.

One time, a customer was approved for a charge card and our manager literally cheered with happiness. They are always talking to me and gossiping about whatever drama occurs at Kohl's. The managers are what make or break it. I would have quit months ago if I had dry, humorless people looking over me. I'd rather work at a place that I love to shop at.

If anyone wants to know about the managers, ask a cashier. They'll be honest with you if you ask them to be honest. You'll be able to tell if that location works for you based on their response.

JDSINSPIRED in Stafford, Virginia

2 months ago

Honey, you don't not get 45% when you're doubling up a coupon of 30% + 15%! The 15% is applied first then the balance is given the 30%. So it's more like 40% of course any other coupons are deducted.
I'll agree with the statement, that the management crew can make or break the attitude of the workplace. Incompetent managers are usually those who crave power over their employees. The Stafford store and the Massapoxox stores need corporate review.
But none of this matters, because Kohls as a corporation is a sweat shop. Hourly wages are inadequate. All things being equal, they are slave wages. Tell me, who can live on $7.00 an hour? Many employees have to take on a second job to make ends meet.
The second level corporate management are yes 'men'. All of middle management are in denial! Corporate say they care, but don't be fooled. Kohls is all about the bottom line...the almighty buck! Don't be delusional,as lowly
employees, to think kohls cares about the people...they don't. They only care about profit!
I'd be interested to see what would transpire if corporate management had to do the dirty work!!!

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