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lowesguy1989 in Princeton, West Virginia

35 months ago

Well I have been doing research on lowes starting pay. I have found so many people making over 8.50 an hour. I have only been making 7.97 an hour. WHY? Before Lowes, I have worked in Big Lots for a year and a half. (The only retail experience I had) But I have had around 9 years going on 10 years of work experience. My brother who has less work experience in both in retail and overall. He got started at 8.26 an hour. I am a little disappointed at the moment. I felt like I got the short end of the stick.

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HR Manager in Mooresville, North Carolina

31 months ago

I would suggest you that you speak to your HR Manager. We use a tool called Pay Rate Advisor to determine pay for each position. It asks what position you are being selected for to determine which pay scale you would be then asks questions about how much relevant experience you have with the key pieces of that role to determine what step of the scale you will be offered. If your previous 10 years of experience could not be tied to the role you were selected for, it wouldn't be considered when determining your pay. The size of the store also plays an important role in the offered rate. Bigger stores are a higher pay scale. It sounds like you probably came in as a Seasonal position or a Loader which would be the lowest pay grade. The advantage is that if you are selected for a permanent position, you will get a bump at that time going through PRA again with a little bit of Lowe's experience under your belt. Hope that helps but always know that your HRM is there to assist and answer any concerns that you may have.

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Rebel in Olympia, Washington

19 months ago

I don't know what your area pays but I started at Lowe's making 15.86 per hour as a Specialist and most our cashiers are at 10+

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xboxer in Cactus, Arizona

19 months ago

Jeez, anything under 20 an hour is just slavery these days. You get no health insurance, so you have to cover all of that on your own. With the continuing inflation, it's a wonder they can find anyone to work at 1960s wages.

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