This Company SUCKS!

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Best Driver Ever in District Heights, Maryland

41 months ago

If you value your time, life and family at ALL, DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY!!!

Division 113, in Capitol Heights is the LOWEST, in competent, irresponsible branch of this company. MANDATORY 13 hour days run into 16-17 hours that they then penalize YOU for being tired. Sexual harassment runs rampant here, management plays favorites and discriminates against others and EVERYTHING is the drivers fault.

The employment turnover rate is 117%. This company doesn't care about you, they only want a butt in the seat and 4 wheels on the road. They will work you like a robot, THEN talk to you like a child.

Employee Beware: Apply at your own risk.....but I wouldn't waste my time.

If you don't believe me.....check it out for yourself ->

Utility Worker in District Heights, Maryland

40 months ago

I agree with EVERYTHING in this post and EVERYTHING on that site. Since things are going SO bad, even Battle's Transportation is dropping the "MetroAccess" title because of the horrid reputation MetroAccess has in D.C, Maryland and Virginia. Assualts, Robberies, Thefts are just the TIP of the iceberg here.

dannnj in new york, New York

23 months ago

this company offers extremely high medical

they do not care about the passengers only money being made

long hours, high turnover, high stress, no training (but you are blamed when something goes wrong) and terrible pay for salary folk

other similar companies pay alot more

alot of politics gender politics favoritism sexual harassment from the top to the bottom

extremely unprofessional grass roots company they leave themselves open for alot of lawsuits from the inside and outside

each division pays drivers differently and works drivers differently some are underpaid and overworked!

a minority woman that is also a mother started the company you wouldnt know it or believe it if you look at the top players...corporate...financials suck

dannnj in new york, New York

23 months ago

mv will use the hell out of you not cover medical then throw you away like toilet paper from the top to the bottom

Lori Bryson in Los Angeles, California

16 months ago

My husband Arthur Bryson works here at MV Transportation in Los Angeles Ca, near Central Street. We have been married 23 years and since he has been working here for only less that 1 year. He has worked long hours, no time for his family, or three sons and have walked away from you marriage of 23 years when I lost my job for a dispatcher on the job.!!

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