Hired at Meijer?

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Maria99 in Evansville, Indiana

47 months ago

Have questions - would like answers -

Hired in a few weeks ago - did the 2 history cds about the Meijer family. Given a stack of literature about signing up for insurance. Then given a quick tour of store and told to come back and do computer training. Computer room is good - computers work okay and so does printer. First few training sessions on puter are good. Then the training for the individual department begins. But it was tests only with very obscure questions. So I politely find HR person and ask if I am to watch new cds or have a book to answer questions. Some of the questions could not be answered without further information. HR acts like I am being a bother. I keep explaining the questions can't be answered. So someone from another department comes to help. By this time other people hired in with me are having the same issue. So finally an ancient book is tossed at us to look it up. It was tough because even the book didn't have all the answers.

First week scheduled in the department - close to 40 hours - which I was told I would get since a lot of people have quit. Next schedule comes out with less than 10 hours a week - I was told no one every got less than 15 and they would try to keep it at 25.

Have heard complaints about turnover of employees from higher ups - management and team leaders.

No one has told me the pay schedule - nothing online either.

I know when the schedule is posted online.

Still waiting to be told where schedule is posted in store.

HR automatically signed everyone onto a paycard - I would have preferred automatic deposit. I haven't been told how to do that.

I don't have a phone number list for people in the store and how to call them in an emergency.

I get the feeling management is frustrated with turnover rates of employees.

Obviously if someone is getting less than 10 hours a week they will quickly begin looking for a new job.

I don't have any idea of pay dates.

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