Merck Interview

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Andy Quinn in Roxboro, North Carolina

113 months ago

I am a Registered Nurse with over 12 years experience and went through the initial phone interview than the face to face interview with three of the managers, one of which was the hiring manager. I thought I had "friend" who worked for them and would help me out. I have retail sales experience but no consultative or person to person experience. I am very dis-illusioned by the whole process. Most of what they asked me were behavioral questions which I think are so subjective and really are not a good gauge of who you are. I wouln't break my back to prepare for the interview. I feel they are after young good looking articulate people who may or may not have what it take to be successful at it. If you really want to know how drug reps operate go to . He puts it all out there for you to chew on. May change your mind about wanting the job. It may be hard for me to have an objective point of since i didn't get the job, so do what you think is best when getting ready for an interview

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Joe in Grand Rapids, Michigan

111 months ago

I know many people that work at merck. There is no cookie cutter rep. Many of them are not the typical "good looking" young person, however they are articulate. From these comments, I think they were spot on. At interviews, they look for people that can overcome objections with a positive attitude. They probably gave you the interview because of your friend there, but you had to do your part. You do not have any outside sales experience, which is basically required. If you are looking to get into pharma sales, ask reps how to get in who work near your geography. Take the necessary steps to be worth hiring, not just because you think you are a good candidate- make yourself one. This is not an easy job- plan on working about 50+ hours a week. Prepare for your interview! If you really want to know how drug reps operate... ask one.

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Andy Quinn in Roxboro, North Carolina

111 months ago

Sounds Like Good Advice . Obviously you were the perfect candidate

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