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What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are inevitable?

How does MetLife stack up against the competition?

Tampa, FL former employee in Wesley Chapel, Florida

95 months ago

From my experience, they don't layoff anyone & they didn't during the 2 yrs I was there, but their turnover is by far worse than any Insurance company I have ever worked for or have heard about from recruiters, friends, etc. In my area, they were dropping like flies and Mgmt didn't even have the decency to take accountability & admit it may be because they got tired of all the "crap". Work, work, work, then when your done can work some more. They closed their eyes to everything, then wondered why they couldn't get this time, I'm sure the word was out. They're always looking, they just can't close the deal. Good employees want to feel "satisfaction in the job" and get paid @ least close to the National Average Pay for the position, not chump change. MetLife is not even close in both aspects.

Smiling in Edison, New Jersey

91 months ago

They have fired in the past and will do it again next year. They don't need to fire too many now as their managers keep running them off by being so mean.

Jim123 in Ft Worth, Texas

72 months ago

The company is slashing workers like they're going out of business, yet they continue to post profits. It's bizarre. They are trying to farm out everything they can to India. They could save a lot of money and empty the nice office building they have on 6th Ave in Manhattan and just set up shop in Bombay.

gotgame in New York

72 months ago

Jim123 in Ft Worth, Texas said: The company is slashing workers like they're going out of business, yet they continue to post profits. It's bizarre. They are trying to farm out everything they can to India. They could save a lot of money and empty the nice office building they have on 6th Ave in Manhattan and just set up shop in Bombay.


I have read a lot of posts on this website. A lof of them have been fairly bitter. I am currently in the hiring process. My biggest concern; is there room for advancement, aside from all the politics. I assume 75 % of the people who posted information regarding metlife have either been laid off, fired or disgruntle employees. Metlife has to be doing something right, or the company would be going under like AIG. I also think that most of these people are at the bottom of the bucket for a reason.

I want a no bs answer, is there room for advancement, and a potential career?

Jim123 in Ft Worth, Texas

72 months ago

Yes, there is room for advancement. A career there is possible and rewarding (like it was for me), as long as you don't get laid off.

The reason why MetLife is not going under like AIG is because MetLife isn't retarded -- they didn't bet the farm on subprime mortgages. MetLife has always had a conservative investment philosophy and as long as they continue that, they will be around for a long time.

The problem is that when they went public in 2000, they gave up the stability of being a mutual insurance company for riding the roller coaster of Wall Street. What goes up must come down, and when things came crashing down last fall, they reacted by slashing their people.

This results in reduced morale, unhappy employees, lower productivity, and, if left untreated, unhappy policyholders.

MetLife isn't a horrible place to work, but unfortunately it's not the family it used to be.

GTampa in Tampa, Florida

68 months ago

I agree with you. I was there when MetLife went public, and my immediate thought was, "why go public when they were doing just fine as a mutual company?" I was in management and I can assure you, morale has been down for years now.People that work hard are rewarded with more work and a mediocre bonus/incentive plan. And now, more than ever, employees are scared to advance to management positions, in fear that they'll be laid off next.
And yes, there is room for advancement, if you're willing to put up with the corporate red tape, and be willing to do everything "the MetLife way". So, if you're a "yes" man, then you can definately move up the later. If you are a creative individual who thinks "outside the box" and uses your natural abilities, then MetLife may not be the place for you to blossom.

obsidian in Nutley, New Jersey

67 months ago

Met has become much more careful about what they say and communicate to associates since going public. These hack-and-slash actions are planned months in advance, but nobody can talk about them. If we were still private, we could do what we used to. We could talk to associates and help position them for other jobs in the company or at least for jobs in the marketplace. As it is, we can't say anything until it's too late. I was one of the targets during the consolidation in the 90s and I had lots of warning from my manager. I had the time to take courses and apply to other groups. That just doesn't happen anymore.

Met has good people and a good infrastructure. But the corporate culture needs some work.

Frank rizzo in North Providence, Rhode Island

50 months ago

I worked for metlife for 5 years received a clock and a thank you diploma 2 weeks later terminated for performance issues.I had no chance of correcting the problem no matter what I did I still failed.This company is looking to put all its locations in India if they could.The call centers are full of temps one day here next day gone.Metlife says we didn't out source to India no you opened a call center in india and hired people from india why not just keep jobs in america but no metlife outsourced to india to save money why else would they do it.They took managers who knew the product from top to bottom and replaced them with young manangers who had no training in the product they are over seeing.Would you pay a supervisor who has been there 30 plus years salary or someone who has been there 5 years and the amount of men who get promoted is 0.They hire and promote women because for the same job they get paid less then if it was a man doing the same job.I worked at metlife so do not say there is advancement there is not because once you get into a job there no one stays so service level will not allow someone in a under staffed dept to go into another dept.people do not advance they stay until they are forced to leave or they just quit because they get sick of the bs.Supervisors will cut your throat to look good because they could be next out the door .I was told it was a great company to work for at one time,but not now as it is another company looking to make tons of money off americans but have all the work done out of the country to save millions why America is slowly turning into a 3rd world country.Please do not use this company for any insurance needs ask people you know if they ever used metlife and when it came time to file a claim did metlife take care them or made them go on a chase for what was suppose to be covered by metlife.I would love to hear from others on any time they dealt with metlife did they become frustrated or angry.

A Devoted Employee in Amsterdam, New York

22 months ago

I am a current employee, and have been for many years. This used to actually be a pretty good place to work. Now they are just riding on their old reputation of being a good company that cares about it's people. Nothing could be further from the truth. They have been laying off and 'right sourcing' for many years, and the old staff is now cut to the bone. All done under the covers, so as to avoid publicity. The latest is to close many corporate offices throughout the country and 'consolidate' them into NC and SC offices. The sad thing is that they aren't allowing the current employees (over 3,000 people) to go with those jobs. Those people are basically being laid off. While management may give some of them the option of reapplying for their old positions. But when reapplying, the job is simultaneously posted to the outside world. So you are just like any other person out there now applying for a job. You might get hired and you might not. Given that the companies aim is to reduce expenses, they aren't really too keen on paying relocation expenses and maintaining salaries of current employees that may have been there for 20 or 30 years. They are instead putting an all out effort into replacing current staff with cheaper labor from the local pool in NC and SC.
So bottom line, they really don't give a crap about their employees. It doesn't matter how much you've done for them, how stellar a performer you've been in the past. When they decide there's a cheaper way to do your job, your gone. Many, many employees have been replaced with off shore consulting firms over the past several years. And the trend continues.
If you go to work for Met, make sure to have a backup plan, you'll need it!

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