Is Metlife a good career choice?

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drewmunoz in Marlton, New Jersey

117 months ago

Looking to become a financial advisor - looking into Metlife, Ameriprise, Prudential and Waddell & Reed - also looked into Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney and Morgan Stanley as well

Does anyone have any good opinions or experiences?

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bonnerclydesdale in Kansas City, Missouri

110 months ago

NO- unless you are in Sales, then you can do no wrong.

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A Devoted Employee in Amsterdam, New York

50 months ago

I am a current employee, and have been for many years. This used to actually be a pretty good place to work. Now they are just riding on their old reputation of being a good company that cares about it's people. Nothing could be further from the truth. They have been laying off and 'right sourcing' for many years, and the old staff is now cut to the bone. All done under the covers, so as to avoid publicity. The latest is to close many corporate offices throughout the country and 'consolidate' them into NC and SC offices. The sad thing is that they aren't allowing the current employees (over 3,000 people) to go with those jobs. Those people are basically being laid off. While management may give some of them the option of reapplying for their old positions. But when reapplying, the job is simultaneously posted to the outside world. So you are just like any other person out there now applying for a job. You might get hired and you might not. Given that the companies aim is to reduce expenses, they aren't really too keen on paying relocation expenses and maintaining salaries of current employees that may have been there for 20 or 30 years. They are instead putting an all out effort into replacing current staff with cheaper labor from the local pool in NC and SC.
So bottom line, they really don't give a hoot about their employees. It doesn't matter how much you've done for them, how stellar a performer you've been in the past. When they decide there's a cheaper way to do your job, your gone. Many, many employees have been replaced with off shore consulting firms over the past several years. And the trend continues.
If you go to work for Met, make sure to have a backup plan, you'll need it!

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