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What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are inevitable?

How does Motorola stack up against the competition?

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Ex-Moto in DFW in Burleson, Texas

131 months ago

Motorola lost a lot of steam with the mobile devices group losing out to more aggressive companies like Samsung, Nokia, and Sony-Ericsson. The re-tread and push of Razr into Razr II keeps happening with all the variations of the same phone. This may be tied to "nothing in the pipe" although Zander and Garrigues (who is now at Dell) kept saying a year ago that new phones were on the way. Connected home may be ok for now, but Scientific Atlanta is coming after them. The government group has been the only part of Moto that may survive due to nice government handouts.

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TERRIE W in Fort Worth, Texas

124 months ago

Motorola should have NEVER let Cinram take over the operations in the Ft Worth plant.....

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chriscfive in Fort Worth, Texas

120 months ago

I Worked There For Three Years Up Until Cinnarom or whatever the name Took Over. There Intent was never valid nor Of Good Cause. The company Took Over with Offering of Employees having to Work up to an number of given months with out being tardy or absentee no matter of Excused or Unexcused. They Then Proceded to terminate and fire The vast Majority of the workers One and Two days before the time was due to pay the promised bonus offered. To Make Matters worst during the time of the forced labor. They force and threaten workers to Work seven (7) to twenty one (21) days without break. and also, forced workers to work entire weekends to no avail or regards of the matters the workers needed to provide when and while at home. THE STOCK IS CRUMBLING ONE TO TWO YEARS AGO IT WAS AROUND $36.00 TODAY DOWN $9.00. THERE ARE SOME EMPLOYEES WHOM ATTEND CHURCH ON SATURDAYS AND THE OTHERS WHOM ATTEND ON SUNDAYS AND WERE DEPENDING ON THE SCHEDULE TO REMAIN THE SAME. I CAN GO ON ABOUT THE HORRORS OF THE WAY EMPLOYEES ARE FORCE TO WORK AND FOLLOW UNECESSARY POLICIES CHANGED VERBALLY AND NOT DOCUMENTED AND THEN TRAPPING THE WORKERS JUST TO TERMINATE AT THE EMPLOYEE OR CONTRACTORS' DESCREPTION.........

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