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Rubyj in Los Angeles, California

38 months ago

JEkelstein in Los Angeles, California said: I just got a job there and have the orientation soon. Do they drug test at the orientation? I don't smoke but my roommate does and I know I have some second hand in my system. Did they test at the beginning or end? 1st day or 2nd? Help!

I'm in the same situation. So Did they ever do a drug test? They didn't say anything about it

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tiatiabobia in seattle, Washington

36 months ago

Rubyj in Los Angeles, California said: I'm in the same situation. So Did they ever do a drug test? They didn't say anything about it

no drug test

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Michelle in Havertown, Pennsylvania

30 months ago

The other comment about being disposable and firing when they are slow is very true. At the Rack they clean house around Christmas. You could be getting good reviews, never late, etc. but they will let you go after a certain amount of time. I had one negative comment from a customer and I was out. I was there 3 years and got good reviews and good customer comments. One coworker was there 9 years and then got one nasty customer and he was out. But they want you to be perfect and have every single customer love you. Talk about unrealistic. So you have to be perky, phony and upbeat 100% of the time, talk up everything about the Rack as so wonderful, but in the meantime, they treat the associates like pure crap. They work you to death, threaten that if you don't do everything you're supposed to, they'll keep you here all night if they have to. They give you so much in one shift to do that no one could really do. If you don't, you hear it and they write you up. So you run around feeling like you're so awful because you couldn't do it all. I don't think I was ever treated so badly at a job. Awful.

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Gina in Austin, Texas

30 months ago

I SOOOOOO Agree with you Michelle on so many different levels! I worked my butt off at the rack for a full solid year. From the moment I started, to the moment I put in my 2 weeks, which when I think about it, I should have just walked off and gave them all the finger and told them where to stick it! It's like your walking into High School all over again with all the drama. They like to hire teens and 20 somethings! They are about ageism too. They don't really promote anyone older in age. Everything is about who you know, who's butt your kissing best and you have to generally look the part. All by still wearing a horrible ugly t- shirt they make you wear. Your work ethic means nothing to them, all they are concerned about is how many reward cards you get, and emails. Basically the numbers! They only promote people who rub them the right way. So basicially you can be lazy as heck, but if you kiss their butts and play their game right, your in! VERY POLITICAL! And they have this stupid meaningless "Open Door Policy" that you feel would be protecting your rights of employment? Think again! If you bring up the fact that you have proof, and also perceive that you are being treated unfairly or bypassed for promotions, and talk to HR about it? That is all it will go. Even if you try to call corporate, they are ALL in it together to mainly protect themselves and not YOU! The managers, The people who have been promoted, all the way up to the big wigs, I personally do not think of them as good people. They are fake, two faced, butt kissing, judge mental, self centered people who stop at nothing for their power trip! Not one decent person I knew, has ever made it to a lead position. I knew of a decent manager who actually stood up for me to the Store Manager, because he did not agree with how I was being unfairly passed up for promotion, and he ended up being demoted from manager to sales person shortly after. Such Bull!! Don't get me started on The Full Line Store!

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aidabach in West Palm Beach, Florida

17 months ago

You know guys this is with every job not just Nordstrom. Banks are the worst you have idols runing the show and wonder how they ever got there, trust me its every job now. Just do your time and call it a day. The world has change and not for the better but yet look whos runing it so dont be hard on yourself you will NEVER win.

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13 months ago

I need to get onto their employee website and look at some of there policies. Can anyone help? Adinamh@yahoo.com

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Anonymous 519 in Bronx, New York

6 months ago

I have been working at the rack for a little over a year now and have to agree with past employees this is by far the worse company I have ever worked for. Its just like walking into a highschool and every manager is phony they only look out for themselves and will throw you under the bus and chance you get. The managers dont support their team memeber at all. Its all about whos butt your kissing and who you know not what you know.Your work ethic means absolutely nothing to them. They bypass people all the time for promotions and treat people like dirt. They are running a dictatorship instead of leadership and then expect everyone to run around with smiles and get work done. Their pyramid idea is crap because they dont value their employees at all and think because they paying more than most retailers it enables them to treat their employees like crap. What I find sad is that people are saying its happening throughout the company and going to upper management will do nothing. The store was planning to go to cooperate as a team to see if we get results but i guess its going to be useless. So for next employees save your time and enegry The Rack sells nothing but lies to their employees.It brings the worse out in people and make their best people lose faith in the company!! Im extremely disappointed with the company. This is coming from a graduted of fnl a current allstar and lead. I think someone needs to write to the editors who said they value employees and tell them what actually goes down working for the company!

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retaildupe in Virginia Beach, Virginia

27 days ago

aidabach is correct, all retail is the same. Here is what they expect at Nordstrom Rack: 10 mobile transactions per day, with at least six customers giving up their email address to you..."E-receipt." Sign up one credit card per week, more is better. NR has a new "non-tender" membership where customer receives one point per dollar spent. They "only" need to give out their cell phone number and, hahah, email address to enroll in this fantastic "trip driver." It does not matter how hard you work, how fast you do go-backs, or how much you help customers. It's all about signing up credit or debit cards, email addresses, and number of mobile checkouts. On slow days, you practically have to pull customers out of checkout line to do a mobile checkout. Then, in middle of checkout, wifi goes out and you lose the entire transaction. So much for a "fast and friendly checkout." Some associates do nothing but hover by the checkout and nab customers to mobile checkout. These people are heroes. Meanwhile, cloth piles up in the sorting room because they are checking out customers as they leave fitting room. Then you get to fitting room for your shift, and there is a full rack, with extensions fully out, filled with clothes that YOU have to sort, while you also greet new customers coming to try stuff on. NR allows 15 items per room; they show up with 25 things, then stand there and decide which 15 they will take first. Then when they are all done, they take one "Abound" t-shirt for $9.95. And the customers walk up to you and ask "...is my daughter in there?" How would I effin know who your daughter is? You will be all alone, even though there are supposed to be at least two associates at the fitting room. This will almost never happen, except maybe during the holidays. You will be run ragged. You will hear "....engage each customer, tell them about our rewards program, sign them up. We need double digits today for new accounts!" This is once an hour, at minimum. I e run out of space

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Daniella Dalene in Hayward, California

24 days ago

This actually wasn't the case for me. I was a top rewarded in my store when I worked at the rack, and as of three months ago I was given the approval to switch to a full line Nordsteom store. I love full line more because of the opportunity to make more money with commission as well as the crowd of customers being a LOT different in terms of attitude at Nordstrom. I worked SE at the rack, and in comparison to Nordstrom, the rack is much more fast paced being that it's a discount store. Ringing people up on the mobile isn't hard to do - it's simple and pleases the customers waiting in line. If you see a customer using a debit card, offer them the Nordstrom debit since the money is coming from their checking account anyway AND they'll get $20 back towards their next purchase when they spend $100. Personally, I think the non tender rewards card is pointless. It takes forever for someone who doesn't spend large amounts of money on clothing to even get a $29 note.

What everyone is complaint about is management, and with the wrong person/people in charge eventually the best workers leave due to a lack of respect, lack of their voices being heard, and cattiness. I would definitely recommend working at Nordstrom over Nordstrom Rack

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