Job Requirements/Expectations

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froglet in Woodbridge, Virginia

83 months ago

I've read the handbook cover to coever, and cannot find a list of employee duties/requirements.
My daughter was recently hired at Panera, and after two days of working the counter, she spent her third day (6 hours) cleaning the toilets and washing dishes. She said it was not mentioned at her interview, and when I asked the manager about their expectations of their hourly associates, he responded that "our associates do as they're told."

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AMerrittime in Orlando, Florida

82 months ago

I used to work as an associate at Panera, and all of the associates were trained in every area of the store. This includes cashiering, making the food, and, yes, cleaning. Each day we were assigned to a different area so that no one person washed dishes or cleaned in the dining room every time he/she worked. Perhaps this is what the manager meant and should have explained when you asked. You should encourage your daughter to hang in there; very few people like washing dishes, but she will not have to do it every day. I had a very good experience with the company, and I hope she will too.

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froglet in Woodbridge, Virginia

82 months ago

Thank you so much for your reply. Much appreciated, and I will pass your encouragement on to my daughter!

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