PetSmart LGBT policies?

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MattK in Douglasville, Georgia

40 months ago

I just started working at PetSmart maybe a month or two ago, I'm 18. Around the time I started seeing a therapist for Gender Identity disorder. Being a Female to Male transgendered person, I want to start transitioning using hormones for now, no major surgery, but I don't know the companies policies on LGBT descrimination. I'll admit to not having a very vast vocabulary and my manager hasn't EXACTLY been upfront with me about said policies. They know i have a girlfriend, who works in the in store Banfield, and have have made it obvious that this doesn't bother them, but i just wanted to know if anyone could explain this to me in lay-mans terms the COMPANY'S policy on transitioning during employment. Or on gender discrimination in general.

commanderccc in Saint Petersburg, Florida

39 months ago

As an FTM being on hormones for 3 years, the hardest part was going through work and having to explain everything to everyone. My advice is all about starting over. I moved out of the place I grew up and everyone knew me. I started in a whole new town and a new job and no one asked questions. They saw you for you. I've applied as male as a Vet Tech at my job 2 years ago. And just recently got a second job at Lowe's a male. If I were you I would stay there as long as you can, you don't have to explain yourself at all!!! I worked with 3 lesbians in the grooming salon at Petsmart and no one cared. Although I didn't start hormones until 5 years after that. Start your hormones, and if they fire you...sue their ass off. I didn't start hormones until 2 years after I was going to start in the first place, because I had no support. Do it for you and only you. If you lose people along the way, they shouldn't have been around in the first place.


39 months ago

I don't see why anyone would care. Honestly, all 3 of the Georgia Districts have cool DMs and plenty of gay and lesbian employees (And managers for that matter.) (Douglasville is in South GA district right? The new South Georgia DM, Bobby, is a super nice guy...If you aren't getting straight answers him and if you are uncomfortable with that call the third person down on the poster in the break room. That is the person for your area incharge of HR for the area & they will be able to get a clear answer for you. I think you guys have April now too.) I mean, I don't know that much about being transgendered or I dont know if it requires a lot of time off and if that time off is protected by law. That is the only potential problem I can see. Prove yourself as an outstanding employee and I can't even begin to see how that would be an issue.

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