Bathers/Groomers don't know their own jobs!

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boredlol in Romeoville, Illinois

54 months ago

I have been bathing dogs and cumulatively, I have more experience bathing/brushing dogs and cats more than the bathers I work with at PetSmart.

I got in huge trouble the other day for hand-drying a miniature poodle. If you don't know what this is, (you probably work at PetSmart) it's using the heated dryer in conjunction with brushing the dog.

At PS, the bathers and the groomers will power dry their dogs, and then the remainder of the "drying time", they will sit in the kennel. A brush isn't even touching the dog until it's fully dried. Now, I can spend 10-15 minutes properly drying a dog with a dryer and a brush, but they won't allow me to do so. So a simple dog like a Yorkie can take much longer than it needs to be.

I should also mention that I have seen the groomers shave down "matted" dogs that I could have easily brushed out WITHOUT causing brush burn.

When I first started, I had 30 hours a week. Now my salon manager knows that I actually knew more about grooming than I let on, I get cut down to ONE day a week, and that's only 5 freakin' hours!

Hmm, I wonder what's going on?

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boredlol in Romeoville, Illinois

54 months ago

First of all, I have never brought any negative attitude into work. Nor have I ever been a "snotty know-it-all" while I am at work. I work the way I have been trained to do and the other girls love that I show them some tips and tricks. My salon manager has given me the go to do what I think is best.

My hours are back up to where they were before, we had a couple of slow weeks and since I was the new one, my hours were the one who got cut. I learned that by talking to the salon manager AND the store manager. I showed my boss how I can easily brush a dog without having the need to shave it. I mean, would you like it if your hairdresser shaved your head without even trying to brush out a few tangles? The dogs feel the same way.

You unfortunately jumped the gun and assumed I was being some sort of impossible employee, without first asking questions to better assess the situation. As it was my own paranoia that made me wonder why my hours were cut with no explanation. I can own up to my own mistake.

But still, the PetSmart bathers who were trained by PetSmart, don't know a lick of what they're doing. And that's what my post was mainly about. And the other groomers I have talked to that own their own shops, were pretty much laughing at what PS bathers and groomers actually do. I do like the TouchPoint system though, as I'm currently coding my own version of it so a friend of mine can have an updated "card" system on an actual PC at her shop.

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53 months ago

You shouldnt be copying touch point. Intact I'm pretty sure that was in your non-compete not to steal practices and trade secrets. You still seem negative an down on PetSmart to me based on your post... And I still think you feel you know better than PetSmart. All best developed practices and p&p are there for a reason. If you have an issue with how things are done submit it to got ideas rather than saying "other salons laugh at PetSmart. " that seems pretty snotty to me. I stand by my original assessment of you.

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boredlol in Romeoville, Illinois

53 months ago

I'm not copying Touch Point. I'm writing my own version of it, which is perfectly fine and legal. Besides, it's not really a trade secret that PS uses computers to keep records of the customers. In fact, the program can be implemented for any business out there.

Why on earth would I submit ideas to PS? Wouldn't that be stealing trade secrets from others? So PS wants ideas from other shops, but yet you can't tell others what PS does. And I haven't signed a non-compete! Fail on my salon manager's part :)

And yes, out of the 5 private grooming salons that I have interviewed, all 5 have mocked PetSmart. This is not me saying this, these are my accounts of what other people are saying. Collectively, I have about 35 affidavits from customers who used to use PetSmart. This was research I was doing BEFORE I was employed by PetSmart.

And I don't work for PetSmart anymore, I went back to my old grooming shop. Who will soon have their own computer system once I get the database working 100% :)

In my own assessment, PS doesn't have any trade secrets that aren't already being done, other than overcharging customers who don't know anything about their pets.

Sue me

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Doxylady in Fort Myers, Florida

52 months ago

As a Salon Manager for over 11 years, my question to you is if you know so much about grooming then why aren't YOU grooming? I have been grooming dogs for over 20 years and about half of them with petsmart, this is by far the best company for a serious groomer to be working for. You sure as heck won't get benefits from a mom and pop shop and the safety policies go so far above anything you will ever find anywhere else. I agree with the other poster here about your bad attitude and you wouldn't last 10 min in my salon with that. My staff is happy and productive and above all SAFE!! So best of luck to you out there and when we get too old to groom and your body gives out, I'll be sitting on a beach somewhere sipping a cold drink thanks to my benefits package and you'll be bagging groceries or greeting customers at Walmart.

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Dolleyes in Kennewick, Washington

38 months ago

I worked for Petsmart for 4 years. I was a pet stylist assistant. It was a thankless job, based only on productivity and the amount of extra sales you did. I am not a sales person, I am an animal lover. It wasn't about the money for me. I wanted to take time on my dogs, let them get to know me. Pressure was put on all of the employees to produce as much as possible in as little time as possible. This led to stress on the animals, and accidental clipper burns, brush burns, and cuts. Anytime you put humans or animals under stress you are going to have problems.
I was told that it was such an honor to work at Petsmart. That at home grooming and private grooming businesses were to be feared. Of course the more I learned the less I started to believe that nonsense.
I quit Petsmart and started working at a privately owned business. Best decision of my life. No we didn't get crummy Petsmart bennies, but I also didn't have to worry about getting fired or being hurt on the job. All of the groomers I knew at Petsmart left after I did to start their own grooming business, they left the bennies behind, THAT is how bad it was. Plus the turnover rate is so high, you don't have your benefits for long.
This is just how I feel. I've been running my own grooming business for years now, and I am insured. I learned a lot about safety from Petsmart and I have applied it to my own business, AND made it better. Better shampoo, better equiptment etc... Petsmart when I worked there had awesome groomers, but awesome groomers don't stay there. If they want to live up to their full potential they just have to get out of there.

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Doxylady in Fort Myers, Florida

38 months ago

To Dolleyes: First off, there is no such position as pet stylist assistant. Secondly, all of the injuries you mentioned are usually attributed to carelessness or inexperience and yes at times being rushed. If you want to see what REALLY goes on when "no one is looking" at private Mom and Pop shops look no further than and see the video of the private grooming beating the snot out of a defenseless dog that isn't even putting up a struggle being groomed. That would NEVER happen in any Petsmart and it's grounds for IMMEDIATE dismissal. This woman is on "probation" are you kidding me????? She was also the manager, so it was obviously acceptable behavior at that salon until a caring individual busted her with a cell phone. As far as it being an "honor" to work at Petsmart, the honor is being able to work with creatures as wonderful and noble as dogs, no matter who is signing the paychecks. Don't blame the company for the high turnover rate in YOUR store, look to the individual managers.. My salons have always (12 years) had very low turnover. I have had to practically beg stylists to transfer to new stores or to stores that were short staffed and needed extra help. There are "bad eggs" everywhere, so get off Petsmarts case and look to the individuals who have NO BUSINESS touching a dog. I will continue to enjoy my 4 weeks PAID vacation (soon to be 5!!!) while you take time off with no pay to take a vacation. And awesome groomers DO stay there, I have a roomful of them!!

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38 months ago

I have seen some horrors at grooming shops. Never at Petsmart. I don't work at Petsmart but board my dogs there. But to the people complaining about Petsmart, just think of it as a learning experience, which I would deem priceless. Whether you go private or corporate, you learn things that you can take with you. It's all on how you react to those experiences.

I had a Lhasa bite my hand really bad, that was the worst bite I ever got. My boss lost a finger! It's back on though. What's your worst/best dog story?

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pSgroomerLuv in Cincinnati, Ohio

33 months ago

First of all, Petsmart bathers don't have non conpete because they are only bathers, not trained groomers.
Second, the lies you are spewing about Petsmart can get you into a lot of trouble. I hand dry dogs, brush out mats unless it's impossible, and in many peoples opinion(private groomers too) I do a great job. The girls in my salon bathers and groomers, are great at what they do. We educate the pet owners about the health of their dogs and get them on the right track on grooming, training, food and exercise.
Third, it was probably the store you were working at and the managers. My store is awesome with great groomers and great trainers. Every business wants to make money, that's why they exist.
I have heard of horrible stories where dogs were abused at the private salon they went to, guess what, those clients go to PS now. I have quite a few clients who fired their private groomers for breaking legs, choking them etc. If anything like that happened at PS, termination is immediate. Have I seen bad things happen, of course, it happens no matter where you are, but those people were fired on spot.
And as for overcharging....lmfao. we are cheaper than a lot of mom n pop shops. Hell, I groom cats for 67$ for bath, nails, ears and shave. Most places won't touch them for under a 100$ lol.
I may have my complaints about PS, who doesn't have complaints about their place of employment? But I love working there and have learned so much about every aspect of dog/cat. I groom cats too.
Majority of the people that complain about PS were either fired or just had a bad experience, doesn't make PS a bad company to work for. Maybe you should look within and see if maybe you caused some of that negativity in your salon.
Doxylady...thank you. There are many great groomers that work at PS and stay there.

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Melissa in Benton, Louisiana

12 months ago

#1 do not lump everyone up in the group of what you have expiernced,I work at petsmart and I "fluff" dry dogs, and dry any dog as much as I can period. So no everyone that works there is not the same. And let me point out you are doing something that has become a big no no, NO groom shop within the 5 states I have worked at,franchise or independent,use heated dryers anymore. Its all just forced air ones. So we are all laughing at you for not knowing what YOU are doing.

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