Applying for a dog instructor position at Petco

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112 months ago

I have a "phone" interview coming up with Petco on Monday for the position of Dog instructor. I've trained with a good school for a year now, and I think working at Petco is a good stepping stone for me to get to where I want to be in a few years. I've read some other articles regarding Petco, not so good comments. Any idea what I'm getting myself into? What can I expect?

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111 months ago

I just wanted to update on my "progress" with Petco. I had my interview over the phone on Monday, which went great. The interviewer told me she'd let the GM know that I was a great choice and she said if he didn't call by Thursday evening to give her a call on Friday morning to let her know so she could "pester" him. The GM never called so I telephoned her and she said she'd call right now. I still haven't heard from anyone. It's now going on Sunday. Do they always do this. I want to think they are just really busy. I mean Grand Opening is in a week. Wish me luck!

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andrew in Hopkins, Minnesota

111 months ago

yes they are really bz and sometimes the wrong people can be put in place as manager.It is a fantastic job.I am a groomer and a Canine education instructor at petco .If there is enough buisness around your area it will be great for you . The only problem I would find with the Cei work is that they really put the responsibility on you as the trainer to make sure your classes are getting booked.Here in minneapolis we have enough people wanting classes that i dont have to engage every single customer with a dog to sign up.I can bring it up casually and it does not feel like im doing pressure sales.I love my job.If you havent already make sure u go to and fill out the application online that is how the gms see it and really get the application process on the ball.Its a screwy situation but honesty without the online application hiring someone would be considered unorthodox good luck to ya

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111 months ago

Thanks Andrew that helps. I still haven't heard back from the GM. Do you think it's wise to just go in to Petco and talk to the GM personally and demand the job? :D
But really I do want the job badly!!!
Thanks again!

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John in Queensbury, New York

110 months ago

Just wondering if PETCO trains you to be a Canine Instructor or if you have to have already trained elsewhere. Also, are under a contract to not do dog training privately if you sign on with PETCO?
Does anyone know what the salary is?
Thanks for any replies.

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