The application is weird

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109 months ago

I have tons of experience, and went through their application. And then came the weird number sequence 'stuff'. Sorry, but my degree is in management and marketing, not math. I bailed out of the application program and said good riddance.

If they keep this type of application they are going to miss out on a lot of very qualified and passionate people. They lost the chance to hire me.

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christina in Colorado Springs, Colorado

109 months ago

I thought the application was odd also. I bailed on it the first time, much like you did. But then, I thought I would give it another shot. I HATE math questions like the ones they ask, but there aren't that many and I'm not sure that they are even looking for the correct answer. Maybe they just want to see if someone is willing to try. I have an interview with them tomorrow. Best of luck.

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Aloe in Manhattan, Kansas

90 months ago

The questionnaire for non-management is meant to test your honesty when asked the same question over and over, and to test your patience with repetitive tasks.

The "math" questions on the manager form are actually IQ questions.

Either way, I imagine both are used to weed out people who aren't committed enough to finish the task at hand. Yes, it took me a hot second to figure out when the 3 electronics would next beep in unison, but that's nothing compared to the tests you'll face entering most office jobs these days.

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