I applied at petco but worried

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Budgiemom in North Hollywood, California

46 months ago

I applied at a petco for a sales associate position but worried as I have back issues. I think maybe they can make accommodations or something. I have a spinal curvature and sciatica. I love pets and would like to do this. I'm coming off disability and think this might be a good start. I got a certificate in medical billing last december but haven't been able to find entry level medical clerical jobs. I need to live so I'm going to try this, as my work history hasn't been all that great.

tc in Pocatello, Idaho

46 months ago

I wouldn't worry about it, especially in California. There are hiring laws about people with disabilities. As long as you can perform most of the job functions they need you for... I would think you would have to stand for most of your shift, with exceptions of breaks. If that is a problem, then they might not have to hire you... I am not sure what the law exactly states.
As far as your job history, I think that depends on how you do on the "personality test" in the application and how your interview would go.

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