Inform yourself before applying!!

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Anon in Germantown, Maryland

130 months ago

I am a former Petco employee and I wish someone would have told me this before I had considered working for Petco. So before you go running to to fill out an application first take these steps to inform yourself!

1. Personally go to a Petco store near you as geographically you might end up working there yourself if you are hired. Check out how easy or hard it is to get there and familiarize yourself with the store hours as you might be working either shift.

2. At the store look out for various things before talking to anyone.

- How do the employees look? If you see that they are not in uniform, or if they are lounging around not doing anything, if the store looks dirty or even more if the animals looks unhealthy or dirty (specially the fish department) then there is an obvious management problem. Remember these are the people you will be working with. If you see problems as a customer, you will definitely have probs as an employee.

3. Engage an employee, not the manager, find out info!

- Find out how much a typical employee makes. Simply ask one, most employees are happy to share how little they make. Show them some sympathy and they will spill the beans. A simple question like "Wow I bet this place is probably not paying you what you deserve huh?" will usually get them to talk. This will give you a rough idea of how much you will be payed when you start out. Every region is different so make sure it's worth it for you!

- Ask an employee how long they have been working there, if they are new, you can't truly get a grasp of the company. Talk to someone who has been there a long time. If it has been more than 2 years or 5 then you know things within the company are rather stable. A good sign.

- Ask how many management changes they have had. Again, if Store managers are easily recycled, you will bear a heavy burden working there as a regular associate because with every new manager, you will have to change how things are done.

Try it!

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