Does Petco REALLY charge if you leave before a year?

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Papillon in Washington

103 months ago

I'm quite interested in becoming a Training Instructor for Petco. One thing I'm afraid of is that if I do end up leaving before finishing the year that they ask you to commit to, they'll bill me with the charges of the training (Which is a couple thousand, from what I understand).

Does anyone know anything about this?

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therooster in El Paso, Texas

103 months ago

If they do its illegal and isnt a billable expense.

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macolly in Duryea, Pennsylvania

103 months ago

If they are taking the time to send you to classes for training, and they let you know up front that you will be responsible if you do not follow through on your end of the commitment. Then yes they can legally bill you for the cost of training.

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smfrye1024 in minooka, Illinois

99 months ago

they do not come after you, just keep to yourself don't advertise your leaving early to make a scene for someone who may not like you to find something on you. I went to grooming school and dog training and left early doing my own thing at home.

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Pre-Vet Proffessional in Tiverton, Rhode Island

40 months ago

Making it through the year is actually pretty easy. Even under the worst GM I ever had among the 7 years and 3 stores I've been in, I still made my first year.

Just be aware that who's in charge is going to affect your experience A LOT. Mine went something like this:

1) made sure you got all your PTO, took care of all the animals and I never heard her complain about "losing her bonus" to animal care. everyone got along and would go out for drinks. live and let live.

2) one manager was the same, unfortunately her assistant caused a high turnover beginning the first month of her being there; workplace harassment was rampant and PTO payments and scheduling would disappear. she even called me while i was being sedated for surgery to see if I would work on my PTO...

3) just all around awful, both were like my second encounter to the Nth degree if you can imagine it any worse. I'd get chased around and coerced to quit because my second job in healthcare meant I couldn't close and that didn't meet her liking even though I was still bringing in the most commission of my department and doing all my duties faithfully

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Mairemolly in California

33 months ago

I left two months into my grooming contract. They absolutely cannot charge you if you leave. In the contract it clearly states it does not interfere with your right to leave the company at anytime. The only thing that will happen is you won't receive your grooming certificate.

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