does anyone know of someone having to pay back the academy money after quiting bfore 2 years?

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stylist1 in cant say, Illinois

80 months ago

i was wondering if there is anyone out there who has actually had to pay it back? ive only heard stories. i know you have to sign a contract but really they dont pay for you to go so i dont even know where this money comes from. ive been grooming for a year and found a better job, i cant take the corporate crap or the stupid scheduling anymore!!!! and i know theyve made well over 4 grand on me. help me out!

Soozee A in Hatboro, Pennsylvania

80 months ago

I have worked for Petsmart grooming for about 7 months and everything was going great...until the 2 girls that work 1st thing in the morning started taking my dogs! They would have 10 each and I'd have 2...and I could see that I had more dogs but they were erased and placed in their schedules! I couldn't take it anymore. Even bringing this up the the manager created drama and the manager then started talking behind my back!!

Anyway..long story short, I told my manager I needed to make more money and that I had to go to part time and that I already got a fulltime job. This pissed off the store manager and "corporate" and they wanted to fire me and make me pay back the money, because "they didn't pay for me to go to school to just work part time!!" Even after I asked the manager to talk to the other girls to share, she lectured me on how I should just answer the phone more and only give out my times!! I couldn't do it, it wasn't fair to the other girls that worked at night! After 2 weeks of fighting, basically the contract just says you have to stay with the company for 2 years and that there are NO minimum hours you have to I just work Sundays 9-5.

Just a warning to everyone who wants to be a groomer...its great. BUT watch out who you work with!!! Everyone was so nice at 1st and then BAM! You're getting blamed for everything, you're working EVERY holiday, you get the bad dogs, you get the crazy owners that everyone else steers clear of, you get to clean more than the other girls and get taken advantage of. They pressure you to do more dogs than you are comfortable with, and then when you stay late...they yell at you for having overtime and then when you don't see the overtime on your check,
having the store manager say, "oh, I think you made a mistake with punching out last week on time.......right?" That was when I broke out the Want Ads. Don't work here!!!!!!

groomergal in brownstown, Michigan

80 months ago

I have heard many conflicting stories. Most of them state that as long as you leave on good terms (2 weeks notice etc.) and don't mention or let them know that you are going to work nearby and you don't try to "steal" your request clients that they will let it go w/o coming after you for the money. I have been grooming with the company for 7 months now and worked for them for 10 months - my kit is paid off and now with all the new "policies" I have had about enough. I love grooming but the corporate pushers have no clue what goes on in the salon and keep coming up with rules and regulations that are inhibiting groomers to make money. Our salon has 9 groomers alone and now that our bathers have to do the nail grindings and lo-sheds we have not been making commission (none of us). Our business has slowed and the prices keep going up - nobody wants to pay our prices. Irregardless, I am having an attorney go over the contract to see how binding it really is - I was offered a job at a vet clinic and will be the only groomer there - the pay is 65% commission because I have my own stuff and it's a guaranteed 4 - 5 dogs a day. I can do 7 easily so I am looking to leave. I also have had a problem with vacation time - I was gone for a short time to help at a different store - towards the end of my time I was told I had 65 hours of vacation that needed to be used by Nov. 3rd or I would lose it - that was a week ago and all the days I have asked for with the exception of 3 have been denied over and over again even though I have been changing them. So, I'm gonna end up losing 25 hours of vac. time.

ZanneH in Hatboro, Pennsylvania

79 months ago

groomergal in brownstown, Michigan said: regardless, I am having an attorney go over the contract to see how binding it really is -

Have you done this yet? I would really love to know the outcome! I don't physically have my contract and my manager keeps making excuses-any, not to give me a copy. I have seriously had it!! I really want to quit, but I can't afford to pay them $4,000! Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated:)

groommgr in New York

78 months ago

I have seen a few groomers leave earlier than the 2 yr mark and not gone after. However, I have also seen a groomer leave before the 1 yr mark and also steal dogs and bad mouth the salon and PS is going after her.
Oogie- it is up to your salon manager to make sure that no one is hogging dogs and to keep it fair.
and one last thing to everyone here- the grass is not always greener. PS is a good place to groom. The commissions are good and the add-ons are great for the dogs and your pocket. I had to go elsewhere when I moved recently and am waiting impatiently for the PS to open here. Do your research before you make a move. PS takes good care of it's employees. Other big box stores DO NOT! or for that matter the Mom and Pops!
ZanneH- info- Do not stop at your salon mgr. Go to the store mgr. Then the DM. Then call the care line that is listed in the lunch room. PS will make sure you are treated properly.

Pupgroomer in Tempe, Arizona

78 months ago

ZanneH in Hatboro, Pennsylvania said: Have you done this yet? I would really love to know the outcome! I don't physically have my contract and my manager keeps making excuses-any, not to give me a copy. I have seriously had it!! I really want to quit, but I can't afford to pay them $4,000! Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated:)

I have a copy of my contract and it states that if you are FIRED you dont have to pay them back. I work right next to basecamp. You think you got it bad? HA we "test" everything out before it comes out your way.... talk about MISERYYYYYYYY! Really what my bitterness comes from is the fact that they look at me and say "What are you going to do to bring in dogs today?" Thats when i want to say "WHAT KIND OF PROMOTIONS ARE YOU GOING TO RUN TO GET ME DOGS TODAY?" Because i have Customers who rave about me to the Managers OH and i also take time out of my week to ADVERTISE FREE OF CHARGE at my local dog park.... SO what are THEY going to do for me to make money? I didnt sign up to be a groomer for 7.75 per hour YES THATS LIKE MINIMUM WAGE! Screw the people who are screwing me over! I think we should have a UNION personally....

Gagroomer in Georgia

78 months ago

groommgr in New York said: Do not stop at your salon mgr. Go to the store mgr. Then the DM. Then call the care line that is listed in the lunch room. PS will make sure you are treated properly.

Actually. I am a groomer for petsmart and I'm living in a hellish enviroment. My other co-workers in the salon are amazing and we do occasionally have our quables but its awesome. I've been to 3 other petsmarts and I know when to appriciate a good thing. My problem is with all the managers. our salon is 1st in the district and our addons percentage is great. Our managers are harassing us and the main culprit is our store manager. She makes inapropriate comments, makes sure we all know that the salon manager is not our manager but a the person that does the paperwork. They all belittle us, write us up for being 1 minute late and they dont keep anything private. I am allergic to bees and one came in the salon. I left the salon and the store manager told me "if your not annaphelactic, your fine. stay in the salon." and made me feel bad for paging her to kill it. she also makes groomers work by themselves for hours at a time but wont let groomers take breaks at the same time even on saturdays when there are 8 people there. I've called care line and all careline did was give all my info to my store manager and told her to handle the problem with me. Now my life is worse than ever. oh and she alters time. I told her that we were keeping track of my hours and she said "whats that going to prove?" The only thing the company will look at is your punches. I can't quit because she hates me and I'm sure she will come after me for it. I also told the dm about it and that person sided with her too.

petsmart in its perfect form is awesome but I dont think anyone is privledged enough to ever see that. Petsmart is very similar to the mofia. I say just suck it up and deal with your two years. it goes by faster than you think. I'm almost done.

allthesame in Cornelius, North Carolina

77 months ago

Although there are many different theories it seems as to the nature of PS's two year contract, my manager said to me that what they have you sign is a 24 month contract for $4,000. If you were to quit so many months before your contract is up, you could be fined/sued for the remaining months of your contract instead of the whole 2-4 grand. I've heard different stories as well if they will come after you or not... I think it depends on the store and GM.

I would simply advise one to be careful when considering signing a two year contract with ANY corporate company. True, the money can be OK but what you could end up dealing with to get by may not be worth it. I've heard horror stories and experienced some stuff myself. Some smaller shops may teach you to groom without going through a contract and of course there are actual groom schools that are not affiliated with any special company.

Most of the problems as far as PS goes are with their obsession with money. Two out of the three shops I've worked with have cared more about the income we bring then the actual groomers OR animals. I've seen some groomers basically strangle dogs to finish the groom so they could receive commission. Like I've said, some stuff is not worth it. If, however, you can find a GOOD store with a GOOD MANAGER and a less stressful work team then learning the trade may be worth it. Bottom line, just think about all your options before signing anything. Best of luck.

ScaredForMyJob in San Antonio, Texas

40 months ago

I work as a groomer and have been trying to transfer for months with no prevail. First they tell me they can't take me in grooming so they asked about taking me at part time and they couldn't do that either so then i tried to get them to take me in another department and just yesterday was informed that they wont take me at all. I feel trapped cause i'm under this contract and just signed it several months ago. I don't know what to do, they told me i can either stay here which isn't an option or quit and be responsible for paying the 4,000 which also isn't an option for me. I am to my end point here...i don't know what to do i would quit but i'm scared of the repercussions. I'm still a teen and i feel like they are taking advantage of me and that i don't have a choice but to stay here. They don't even care that they are screwing me over, my family is 4 hours away and i just want to go back home but they're telling me i can't. Is this even legal?


39 months ago

Scaredformyjob, If you are miserable and have talked to your store directore, try your DM or Regional Human Resources Manager (2nd & 3rd person on breakroom poster) I am sure they will help you figure something out.

It may be personal leave until something opens up closer to your home or something else. Ifyou ask at PetSmart, someone will take care of you.

No one wants you to be miserable at PetSmart. However, you did sign a contract so you may have to work on a compromise.

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