Interview process to be a bather

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Kelly P. in Taylor, Michigan

55 months ago

Hi everyone, I just went today for my third interview to be a bather. On Tuesday the salon manager interviewed me and put me through the second interview right on the spot because she liked me so much. Then today I went in and saw the store manager and thought the interview went well. He said he thought I would be a good fit and told me multipule times how much the girl who interviewed me on Tuesday liked me. I only interviewed with him for about 20 minutes. he told me she would be in contact with me soon.

I guess I am a bit nervous because I keep reading things about people going to second and third interviews and getting sent to go get drug tests. So I guess what I really want to know is, does the manager at the salon have the power to hire me? And that the store manager did not want to say yes, or no, because it is up to her? I know it has not even been a full day but I want this job really badly so I keep second guessing myself.

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55 months ago

The store manager has to agree to hire you. Most people won't hire the day they interview. It is good practice to "sleep on" any hirin decisions in my experience...regardless of how good you think the person is. There are all sorts of factors like team dynamics and training times you have to consider when bringing someone on board.

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cleoboa in Garland, Texas

55 months ago

They are always in need of bathers and I have no doubt you will get the job. Yes, the Salon Manager has input, but all final decisions are made by the Store Director (Manager). It will mostly depend on the size of the salon, how many groomers they have and if they have any bathers now and how soon any of the bathers are going off to groom school. Turnover is great in the salon, so don’t stress too much, it sounds like you will get in when/if there is an opening.

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EmilyC in Calgary, Alberta

42 months ago

My friend that applied and went through 3 interviews like the op is going through the same. I was trying to find some stories on here similar. It would be helpful to know if the op got the job so I could tell her to stop ripping her hair out lol.

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