Petsmart-finishing your 100 dogs

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Rylyn in Warrenton, Virginia

36 months ago

I got out of the grooming academy and have been working on my hundred dogs. Our decently busy store has suddenly came to a slow pace. This is the beginning of my third month and i have just past the half way mark of my hundred dogs. I was told that I could possibly be sent back to be a bather if I do not get 40 breed specific dogs done in three weeks. I do try to schedule myself dogs. Everyone has been slow we have 10 groomers in our salon who get 4-6 dogs everyday usually but now they are only getting 2-3 daily now. My questions are: What will happen if I do not finish my dogs at the three months? If I do get sent back to being a bather to I have to go through the academy again? Or just try again with the hundred dogs? I am working full time and have four slots open for dogs, and I can only get one or two dogs a day. I am going to talk to my manager but I am trying to see if somebody knows the situation and tell me what can happen and the process before I go and question my manager until she is blue in the face.

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35 months ago

I would ask your manager; however, if I were your manager I would be asking what you are doing to drive your business. Ask the salon manager for breed lists and extra call logs, walk the floor and talk to groom dogs. Don't expect them to walk in and land in your lap

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