Progressive Insurance Interview Questions.

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It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview process like at Progressive Insurance?

Any advice on striking the right note?

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alf in Miami, Florida

114 months ago

THey like to do targeted selection, which means they follow the following format.
STAR - situation, task, action and result.

Just answer the questions in that manner, thats generally what they look for.
They will ask you something like," tell us about a time when you had a deadline to meet and what did you do to meet that deadline"
so you should respond accordingly
situation - i had this deadline regarding a very important report which was due
task - in order to meet the deadline, i set a specific schedule to finish on time.
action - i completed the easy parts first, and then concentrated on the hard part last,
result - i met the deadline and succesfully completed the project.

thats the format they use at progressive. hope this helps.

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Moe in Cleveland, Ohio

112 months ago

Make the STAR as mentioned, but some the questions are difficult to condense and conclude the result was successful.

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kitty2 in Cleveland, Ohio

78 months ago

Agreed Moe.

I was recently passed over for a position there and I am still somewhat baffled by it. I think everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves.

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krg0a0 in Delmar, New York

57 months ago

Has anyone done a phone interview with Progressive for the Medical coder position If so what are the question that they ask

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rhjane in Cleveland, Ohio

50 months ago

I have a quick question. I applied for a couple of jobs for Progressive and I am just curious for those who have heard back from Progressive and gotten calls to come in and take the tests and interviews, how long did it take for them to initally call you after you applied for the job?

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rkpetros in Denver, Colorado

41 months ago

I totally agree about being totally baffled about being passed over! I was just passed up for a position after undergoing many phone interviews, tests and then going to Mayfield from Denver for onsite interviews. I wasted a lot valuable time and spent a lot of my own money on travel expenses only to be told that I had a hard time showing them any results in my STAR interview! I was totally shocked, as I was a perfect fit for this position--a job that I've done for many years very successfully. I was very confident and well prepared for the interviews and left feeling that I totally aced them. I understood the STAR process because I did a lot of research about it before the interviews, so I felt that my answers were perfect and that I gave them all of the results that were needed. I have to wonder if they were using this "STAR" process as an excuse for rejecting me for another reason (i.e age)? I felt that my personality and work ethic meshed perfectly with every one of the 5 people that I interviewed with. It was a big disappointment to not get this position; but I look at it as their loss as it will be hard to find another person who will be as dedicated and go above and beyond every single day as I do. I will avoid Progressive for any future opportunities because it is not worth the time and stress involved; it seems they want to give prospective employees inferiority complexes.

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Ja1princess in Union, New Jersey

41 months ago

I have recently had my face to face interview and waiting to hear back if I got the job or not. I'm a little concerned about the back ground check being performed. Do anyone know if they will do a credit check to determine if I'm employable? I love in the state of NJ.

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christianbreaux in Florida, Florida

23 months ago

Right now not clear with this because I am also searching interview questions regarding progressive insurance.

I am finding job through this link:

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PROGRESSIVE IS A JOKE!! in Seminole, Florida

3 months ago


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