What's the company culture at Qualcomm?

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Chad in Oceanside, California

109 months ago

Qualcomm is an awesome place to work.

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J in San Diego, California

107 months ago

My wife worked at Qualcomm for 8 years. While she really enjoyed it she was quite surprised when she was laid off after 8 years. The company avoids the large layoffs at one time, I'm guessing to avoid the publicity. However my wife saw alot of people get laid off over a period of time. What it appeared to be was hiring newer cheaper to replace the older more expensive. Also there are many employees from India. With alot of reorganization that had occurred, she ended up working for different bosses over the years. Her dress was casual and she had flex hours. Many people worked alot of overtime. Not her, since she had family to attend to after work which might explain why she was laid off. Good luck. P.S. Ask for stock options when negotiating salary.

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Qgirl in San Diego, California

107 months ago

Host said: Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Qualcomm?
- Office environment is decent. Generally the buildings are well kept. There are kitchen's w/ fridges. Nice break area, Cafe's, snack bars. Alot of lunch meetings so there's always free food.

Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers?
- Casual dress all the way. I've seen people wearing tye-dyed shirts, shorts, etc.The executives wear suits.
- No get together's or happy hours or friendly get-togethers. People just do their job and go home. Everyone is very professional but not necessarily friendly. Everyone seems to have their guard up.

What is a typical day in the life of an employee at Qualcomm?

- You come do your work and deal with all the political drama that goes with working in such a large company. It's true that many of the higher level managers are demanding and at times enjoy their power, but there are a lot of down to earth manager's who encourage their employees.

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benthere in Carlsbad, California

107 months ago

Qualcomm is no worse or better than any other large corporation. It all depends on where you are in the company. Life at QC varies greatly from one department to another. It was a very attractive environment when it was much younger as the options were worth something, but, as QC has aged, this is more of a mirage than a true benefit. Our software engineering group has a high workload, and burnout is common, but it seems this is becoming the standard all over corporate America, so no real surprise there.

Avoid their IT department unless you are desperate. I mean, 'losing your home next week if you can't pay the mortgage' desperate! The normal IT employee is subject to 24x7 on call, 'weekendus interruptus', constant bombardment from machine alerts, avalanches of email, and general abuse by unappreciative middle and senior managers who will do or say anything to get ahead. Answer all directives with the word 'YES', and you can survive awhile. There is a 'Good ol' Boy' network that controls everything. I would say it is the corporate equivalent to Devil's Island.

The up side to this department is they frequently engage in questionable personnel practices, so your chances for a handsome severance are good upon departure. My group witnessed a Windows System Administrator let go last year who was outstanding for us . The guy did everything we needed and more and was a joy to work with. Apparently, he was not playing the IT politics properly. The IT group doesn't seem fire anyone. They have replaced that action with layoffs as it requires no documentation or scrutiny as to the real reason. From what I can see, that group has an extremely high litigation exposure relating to severed employees.

The rest of the organization seems reasonable and ranges from ok to great. Engineers seem to do best in this environment. The facilities are generally good, parking is good, benefits are ok unlees you wear glasses or have dental problems. That part is very, very substandard

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MeToo in San Diego, California

41 months ago

This person could not have said this better. Qualcomm does NOT care. I was forced out by one by an evil VP and uncaring HR (after approx 20 visits to HR, attending EAP sessions, etc) - mind you there were EAP posters in copy rooms about not tolerating bully-bosses. I ended up at County Mental Health after I felt forced to quit in the "middle of this horrible recession". Afterwards I had to show up at a free mental health place for evaluation and it listed on the wall all the local companies that sponsored the free mental health care. Most companies were in regular sized print. Qualcomm had a ginormous logo - self promoting how great they are supposed to be. Only added more insult to the mental anguish they had already caused me.

They are full of self-hype and not the great company everyone thinks they are. Yes, money and benefits were excellent. But not worth your mental health.

Soooo much nepotism. If a local San Diegan is hired, I can guarantee it is because they are related to a manager and will be promoted very quickly, even though anyone else comes in on their own has to take baby steps to ever get promoted, if ever even getting promoted.

I don't care how liberal Qualcomm claims to be - they are still part of crony capitalism. It's ALL about money :(

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zackfix in San Diego, California

39 months ago

I had an interview with Qualcomm in Oct.2012 which landed me a contract position with them. When I arrived for the first day, I received absolutely no training on their development procedures, instead my supervisor gave me a half-ass diagram and told to write the code. For 'newbies', they point you to community and wiki pages littered with outdated links and outdated information to get you started. Knowing I was entry level contractor, they placed me into a high-priority project in which I found myself working for 50+ hours each week. I was able to keep up with aggressive release schedule, but after five months of being used, they let me go saying my 'work ethics are entry level'. I feel used by this company. They knew I was entry level and as for the 'work ethics', I was hoping that would have rubbed off onto me after a couple months, but all I learned is that they are a money hungry business rather than a software development company. If your a contractor, stay away from Qualcomm, they will use you for the hardest piece of a project and then not appreciate the complexity you overcome. They will use and mentally abuse.

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JoeRoberstein in Irvine, California

38 months ago

I agree with most part of your comments. I am very negative on QCOM's culture. There were bullies everywhere in the engineering team. Engineers were not treated with respect. Second, the assignment was so tedious that you may feel it's an insult to your intelligent and extensive working experience. Third, It felt like, strongly, that I was not working in San Diego, but in Bangalore. All of these were making me so sick that, after working there for one and a half year, I decided to join another smaller but much more dynamic company.

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Veeral in Boston, Massachusetts

33 months ago

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