Denied once; Whats the chance of getting in now?

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broccoli in Southampton, Pennsylvania

92 months ago

What are the chances of being hired if you weren't selected for a position after interviewing? Has anyone had a "round 2" and gotten in? in Ambler, Pennsylvania

91 months ago

hi = wanted to get back to u cause u live close (i'm actually near willow grove air base) how's the job thing going 4 u? any interest in your own business i.e. personnel with a partner - i'm looking to partner

kr in Tucson, Arizona

86 months ago

All jobs have different hiring managers. You can get denied for one and then interview for another. It happens all the time.

HR Lady in Brandon, Mississippi

33 months ago

you get black flagged. Better luck with another company.

Joe Gagill in Monticello, New York

33 months ago

My take is if you interview for a Management position at for example Joe's Happy Endings in New York and you don't get the job, they are not going call you in again 5 months later if you next applied for a Sales position.

In their eyes you were a loser once and your going be a loser the second time.

Has anyone gone thru the interview process, been rejected, then applied again for same job or different, and gotten the job the second time around. And I'm talking an experienced level job.

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