Raytheon Interview Questions.

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It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview process like at Raytheon?

Any advice on striking the right note?

Ddd M in Gilbert, Arizona

90 months ago

Very good question "the right note" quite right. My experience with the in person interview with Raytheon was made quite straight forward. If you get enough information during the phone screening you will be prepared.

Be yourself, communicate as efficiently as possible, predict the next
line of questions, do not get off track stay technically do not let your guard down.
There will be a few drinks before the reception, to get to know the real you, go with the flow. Be a personable team player and show your can do attitude.
Be excited to be interviewing with them.

They need team players that communicate well, if your are a loner do not even try to get into Raytheon. If you have military experience, do not play it up. It would be best to be a well rounded multiple interests type person.

If you do not click with all the players, try to win over the ones that may not be getting the message that you can help them out.

caleb in Dracut, Massachusetts

84 months ago

I had an interview with them in Tucson, I was less than impressed. The interview process was actually pretty good, but the organization of it was terrible. I was told I was being flown out there to interview with 2 departments. I got there and HR had scheduled me for only one interview with a department that wasn't hiring, and I wasn't even close to being qualified for. During the part where we could get to know the managers before the reception I tried to get interviews with the departments that I was told I was supposed to interview with, but HR had overbooked their schedule and they couldn't squeeze me in. I was lucky enough to get another interview with a department I was barely qualified for, but didn't get an offer because I wasn't very qualified. The whole thing was a waste of time for me and them. I love the Tucson area, but if that is the kind of crap one has to go through to get a job there I don't think it is worth it. If you are lucky enough to get an interview for something you are qualified for, unless you screw up I wouldn't worry about whether or not they will hire you. They told me they had an 80% offer rate, so odds are pretty good if you can interview with the right people.

Rafi Sawaf in Tampa, Florida

67 months ago

flexibility, initive, problem solving, and leadership. Be able to spit out many examples of each. dont just say, "i can lead a group." be able to describe a time you did, ect...

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