New Hire at Rite Aid

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radioman in Portland, Oregon

80 months ago

I just wanted to make a positive statement about being a new
hire at Rite Aid. Being over 50 years old, and after a brief
4 month hire at Safeway, I can say it's 'refreshing' to work at
Rite Aid!
They start us at $10.00/hr, and promise over 20 hours a week.
I'm averaging closer to 30 hrs these days, and the promise for
Summer is a bonus of $1.00 to $1.50 an hour over Summer, and
at least 30 hrs minimum ... Why the fuss?
I hadn't run a cash register in nearly a year, and my last job
had me collecting shopping carts and cleaning floors. At Rite Aid
I'm a Cashier/Clerk, Photo Technician, handle Money Orders, Hunting/
Fishing Licenses, and Customer Service at the 'lead' register, and I've
only been working less than three weeks!
No bogus promises about hiring/promoting from within, no interviews
at the District, only to be 'lost' at the Store Level, etc. - all
in all, it's a great job, and if you don't agree, check the other
posts, and forums for other companies, like Safeway. Yes, I was
mistakenly placed as 'acting' manager in the Seafood Dept. at
Safeway, but I didn't want to be a legal pawn between the Union
and the Store Management.
Rite Aid will train you on everything you can learn, and I
routinely check-in Freight and Inventory, do store stocking/facing
and am awaiting Plan-o-Gram training. Thank you Rite Aid!

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radioman in Portland, Oregon

78 months ago

an update: It's nearly 90 days now, and the new summer hires are
coming in weekly. By summer, the only ones left will probably be
the supervisors, and the temp summer hires!
So what happened? A new Manager came in to reduce costs, payroll,
and hours, my schedule is so full of holes, it's nearly impossible
to find other work to supplement the 16 hrs I'm getting at Rite Aid
now - my training is now useless, and I'm on a register full-time.
BTW the new Wellness+ Associate card doesn't work - they said
it has "too many digits", or a "100" at the end - swipes as
'not found', but minus those, I'm in the database, but can't log
into/out of the time clock unless manually - so I'm not to impressed
with the new card ...
What next? I suppose it's not too late to apply for those new
'summer hire' jobs elsewhere ... promises, promises ...

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