NEw Harrassment Policy

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Marely Madison in West Decatur, Pennsylvania

69 months ago

Everyone knows we had to do the CBT for Workplace Harrassment. Do you know that the Next day I was told I was not allowed to bring my religous items, like pins on my jacket, and bible in my purse to work? Doesn't that infiringe on my rights? I was not Preaching to anyone! It was for myself alone. This company is too politically correct. I should sue them for infringing on my rights.

JC1990 in Beaverton, Oregon

67 months ago

you should i took that cbt also about a week ago (again) but just two days prior i had reported my supervisor for sexual harrassment and all that was said is "oh well we will talk to her" i mean thats like a slap on the hand. i was asked if i told her to stop and i simply said "this supervisor has been in her position since 1986 i should not have to tell her that it is inappropriate to grab my butt" which she did many times within a week and in front of other associates as well. i mean am i wrong to think she should know better?

Rockerchick88 in Fort Loudon, Pennsylvania

64 months ago

Contact Human Resources... on both situations. It is against company policy to discriminate against religious symbols and it is against policy for someone to grab your butt.

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