Here is How Robert Half Job Postings Work

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Steve_Michigan in Grand Rapids, Michigan

103 months ago

I use to work for Management Resources and they would have us write generic job postings. The actual job usually did not exist but they would write ads for controllers, cost accountants, sarbanes oxley specialist, ect. The purpose of these positings were to build their candidate base. Once they have your resume, they can peddle you. It's never about you with Robert Half, it's about them and how they can create a sale, even if its the wrong situation for both parties.

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SizzlinSwede in Fort Myers, Florida

102 months ago

It looks like it really varies from office to office as you have experienced. If you really feel that you've found yourself in a situation that is nothing like the previous experiences that you have, move on. No matter, how qualified anyone individual maybe, if the recuiter does respond, it tells alot about the type of individuals and firm that you are dealing with. Focus your attention elsewhere, where you do not find yourself being confronted with a lack of plain simple courtesy and professionalism. How many business out there are able to survive when they don't respond to the needs of their customers?

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NY Recruiter in Sandy Hook, Connecticut

102 months ago


Those days are over. We haven't been allowed to post "shell ads" in over a year. Everything you see online posted by RH is a legitimate job, at least in the RH Eastern zones. I can't vouch for other parts of the country.

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Steve_Michigan in Grand Rapids, Michigan

101 months ago

It is really so sad that a company has to resort to these kinds of mis-leading though not illegal practices to attract candidates.
This firm cannot be trusted.

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Diana in Brooklyn, New York

101 months ago

RobertHalf is unreliable-it is frustrating to look for a job as it is and having a company giving you false hopes is definitely unfair. I have been looking for a job since May of this year (2007) and I interviewed with one of their recruiters, Andy Marmolejos. I recently left him a message regarding my resume and to let him know I was still looking fo a job and he sent me an e-mail telling me the latest resume he had on file was from 2002!!!!!!!!!!! ROBERTHALF IS A DISGRACE to those looking for a job. Stop using up all that space online and get out of business!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Steve_Michigan in Warsaw, Poland

101 months ago

This does not surprise me one bit

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Mike Rasten in Pleasanton, California

101 months ago

Jeff in Saint Louis, Missouri said: Yeah right..................and your offices aren't full of unethical, back stabbing managers.........and you don't lie about "robert half exclusives"............and my favorite that I remember from my 5 years in MR.........the #1 primary objective in an interview at RH is WDYK "who do you know" looking for additional caniddates............the other primary objective is WHYB "Where have you been"....this means they are more interested in where you have been interviewing. I assure you Mikey from Pleasonton has WDYK and WHYB posters in his office! Keep drinking the kool aid and have fun in your bullpen while I stretch out in my 15 x 15 office!

Jeff, it's obvious you were let go due to lack of performance and production. Now, you harbor animosity towards a former employer. This rant could be about RHI, or your stint as a fry guy at McDonald's. It's clear that you feel the way you fee due to the fact that you couldn't hack it at RHI. Move on. There are other opportunities out there that suit you better.

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Barbra in Redlands, California

100 months ago

When I first lost my job in 2005, I contacted Robert Half to help with job placement in two areas: administration, and IT. Neither division ever contacted me about positions that I was able to find online. I never received one single phone call from them. I called my recruiter (don't remember her name, but she is/was in Ontario, Calif.) weekly, and was assured that she was looking. I would bring up the jobs Robert Half advertised online with places like Monster and Dice, and she would always answer "I was not aware of those positions," even though her name was on the job ad. Needless to say, while I am still looking for work, I will *never* answer a job ad from Robert Half. I agree with Jeff, with RH, it's not what you know, it's who.

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Jeff in Saint Louis, Missouri

100 months ago

You know it's bad if they have to hire kool aid drinkers like Mike Rasten in their Corporate Offices (WHICH WE ALL KNOW ARE IN PLEASANTON MIKE!) to respond to message board comments and try to stop the bleeding!

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X in Pleasanton, California

99 months ago

Message board ads are fun to respond to, and Pleasanton, CA shows up as default for any RHI employee, not because we are actually there.

Shell ads had a reason. When a company calls you and asks for 10 implementations experts to roll-out some new hardware and software by tomorrow we need an active pool of candidates. Shell postings were only for high volume contract positions which we fill constantly. Those have been done away with for over a year.

Robert Half specializes in temporary and consulting services. Our permanent placement divisions are totally seperate and operate without any of these processes. 9 out of 10 candidates approach our temporary divisions looking for permanent work. We do the best we can with you and suggest you contact our permanent divisions, but in the end we place consultants.

It is understandable when you have worked with other recruiting firms that do anything and everything and expect us to do the same. Work with the permanent placement division if you want a permanent job, you will be contacted when they have something for you, otherwise they don't bother you and you don't bother them. That's how most people like it. Contact the consulting division if you want immediate contract or contract-to-hire work. We are not looking for your dream job, we are not looking for 90%+ match of your background, skills and personality. Consulting services means we offer you temporary, consulting positions in which you have the ability to complete the tasks assigned in a professional and efficient manner.

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Former RHMRer in Saint Louis, Missouri

99 months ago

Yeah right............

- Was this comment helpful? Yes (4) / No Reply - Report abuse in Minneapolis, Minnesota

20 months ago

I found that Robert Half in Minneapolis is not a good business if you are looking for work. You go in for the initials interview after applying for a specific job. And they start a back ground on you but nothing about the job you applied for. They talk a good game but in 10 m months they never set up one interview. And after e mailing my recruiter numerous times I would never get a response. I am not sure how Robert Half makes money but they have total disregard for you when you are looking for work. There is no way that I would expect anything from them.
So after 10 months never a response to e mails of any job interviews

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columbus in Concord, California

15 months ago

The worst place to use resources for job seeking , honest speaking. I had bad bad bad experience with this company i don,t know how they generate revenue. I agree many of the comments above. I had to change my recruiter within robert half many times thinking maybe the problem is that particular recruiter because you will never heard them after the first interview. Once they get your resume that is it done. I don,t know do they sell customer data to generate revenue?..I will suggest anybody using these corrupt recruiters to leave asap otherwise you wasting your valuable time with so call RH.

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L.C.S. in Minneapolis, Minnesota

14 months ago

I had a very mixed experience with RH, and I've worked with them twice. Once was winter 2012-spring 2013. They found me two decent jobs, one right after the other. The pay wasn't great, but both were reasonably close to home. The second one, however, ended abruptly with no advance warning. When I needed work again this past spring, I went back, and they found me a decent job that lasted a few months. I did get the impression, though, that they had too many candidates and not enough jobs. It can be a real crapshoot whether you get work or not. Also, I applied for a couple of their jobs online, and was never contacted (and this was while I was "officially" on board with them!)

The good: reasonably interesting assignments close to home
The bad: VERY unpredictable, sometimes months will go by in between assignments, low pay

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