How do I get the SafeWay Employee Discount?

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Bob in Roseville, California

94 months ago

Anyone know the phone number to tie the my card to the employee discount program?


91 months ago

So Bob... did you ever find out the number to tie your employee discount to your card?? I have not figured it out yet.

50assilem in Vallejo, California

87 months ago

All I did was call the 1-877 number that prints out on the receipt. Follow instructions on the menu and it will direct you to someone in their customer service. All you have to do is confirm the information on your existing club card (card number, name, phone number, etc..) and give them your employee number which is located on your check stub, or if you're a checker it's your sign-on number minus the password. Then within 24 hours you will start receiving your 10% employee discount.

Holly in Provo, Utah

26 months ago

Thanks! I work at SafeWay and didn't even know there were employee discount programs. I'm pretty new but I wish I would have known sooner. Thanks again for sharing!

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