Produce Code Test

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Rhoda in Oxnard, California

98 months ago

I was wondering where I can find the produce codes. I would like to study them asap. Also is there any employee discount?

Amanda in New Westminster, British Columbia

96 months ago

Hey there is a discount you get 10% off of safeway brands and for the produce codes just study them off the sheet they give you... I have been workin at safeway for 5 months now and I still dont know all of them just do the practice test over and over again in your training because that one is the same as your real one so dont worry its not as hard as you think

linda sagel in Chilliwack, British Columbia

89 months ago

thanks for the info i just got hired, and i see so much negative stuff on the net it is unbelievable. I am just interested in working not complaining I am thankful for what i have and not wishing for things i dont have....

sandy harlan in Sunnyvale, California

87 months ago

The produce test is easy! I found that flashcards were the best!

Try this

and go to search and enter "safeway produce codes" and click "produce" then click the 4th one down titled "Safeway Produce Study Guide" then click "Study"

I made these up when I first began working at Safeway! You only need to know these ones and the test is soooo easy! Also keep in mind if you ever get lost while on the checkstand there is a code book right there to help you!!

Good luck!!

direwolf in antioch, California

83 months ago

when i took the produce test, they had their computers set up in a small separate room away from the management and everyone else so i just whipped out the produce code sheet they gave me and went to business... made a few "mistakes" on items that look similar and passed with a 96% and got the job as a checker.
i didnt have a single code remembered when i started but 2 weeks into the job, they were all getting familiar and now im one of the fastest checker at my safeway and i have only been working there for a month...

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