What's the company culture at Saks Fifth Avenue?

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Every business has its own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Saks Fifth Avenue?

Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers?

What is a typical day in the life of an employee at Saks Fifth Avenue?

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gemmanager in Costa Mesa, California

106 months ago

It really depends on the executive team running the particular store and how their numbers are. I know a manager who worked at one unit and they made her life miserable. She quit went to a competitor then went back to Saks at another location and has had no problems. It's totally politics and not how well you do your job. The communication from corp. to store is poor and there is alot of passing the buck and not owning up. Don't ever speak freely if asked by corp. even when they promise confidentiality they will throw you under the bus I know from personal experience. There is alot of showboating when corp.visits a store to keep up the illution of compintency. The pay for managers is decent and the benifits are good if you like retail hours. For the sales staff it's not great unless your sales volume is enormous mostly commission and they take back most in returns. I couldn't live on what they pay thier sales people even with the profit they make on luxury goods. The company stock is not doing great either they've had changes in corp structure the last few years. If you're willing to "play the game" you might like it. It depends on if your an independant thinker or a corp. mouthpiece. There are better run companies. If your a professional take your talents where it will be better appreciated.

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gemmanager in Costa Mesa, California

106 months ago


Remember when Macy's bought May stores group. I'll bet they tell no one until it's a done deal. Nice.......

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gemmanager in Costa Mesa, California

105 months ago

I've noticed high rotation and turnover rates even in management positions. High positions like Asst. general manager of operations to assert proctection manager as well as dept managers these pay well. Red Flag? Hmmmmm. I also notice thier posting take a long time to fill sometimes months. Best advise talk to the troops on the floor they see everything. You won't get any headsup from HR or exec office. It company wide not just some areas of the country. Could it be somethings amiss in the culture?

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Love retail in Fullerton, California

46 months ago

Costa Mesa store has several executives that wander around and never even say hi to the employees. I've seen the operation woman manager ginger step over clothing on the floor and expect someone behind her to pick it up. Higher then thou attitude. The store manager Todd, from Macy's, is very ineffective. He bores the whole store with his meetings saying the store is doing well and the salespeople continue to struggle to make money or even draw. I have never experienced another place like this. The manager Kristen upstairs dresses like a hooker and she came down for a customer problem and I was embarrassed to have her talk with my customer. The worst year of my working life.

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Love to sell in Costa Mesa, California

46 months ago

Higher management is unapproachable . They will hang you with your own words. It's always tense and you get the feeling you are a bother if you need help. If you need to overide anything then you have to get a manager by pager. Hello?? 20th century anyone. The customer is left waiting and you are left trying to make sure you don't get a complaint because they are taking too long.

The biggest thing is retaliation by managers. My coworker and I complained about a situation and then we suffered from retaliation. Bottom line...the managers are not trained to do anything but re-act. My manager is so tacky I don't even want to introduce her to my customers!

Dress code and culture are different if you are thin rather then fat. Thin can wear minis with tattoos showing and if your overweight then they have a different dress code for you. Sad in this day and age.

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