Schlumberger Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits.

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What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Schlumberger?

What do you like best about working at Schlumberger? Are there any great perks or special treats for employees?

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sdteve hnuy

58 months ago

i dont know

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dw in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

34 months ago

M Gauche said: I do not work for SLB but my husband does. I think starting at about $3000 base + about $2500 (avg bonus) + Pension Plan, Profit sharing, Discount Stock. We really like SLB and find they are good to work for. He works on a 15 days on 6 off rotation.

I heard rumors that no one gets days off. Does your husband really get the 6 days off on the 15/6 rotation?

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M Gauche in Calgary, Alberta

34 months ago

They have never forced him to work on his off days, even though he does sometimes choose to do so because he then gets x 1.3 + a day in the bank. But I would say on average he probably works 16.5 on and 4.5 off (by choice though). Also they can choose to buy slb stocks of up to 10% of their salary and they get if at a very good price (at least 7% under market value).

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Patrick Birney in Rahway, New Jersey

34 months ago

I don't work for Schlumberger but I interviewed with Schlumberger at their New Jersey location back in September 2011. I like the feel and vibe the place was giving, everyone seemed nice and seemed to like working with each other, dress code was a mixture of everything, you had people in jeans to people in 3-piece suits.

From what I see and hear all positions seem to start off at a nice salary, I was applying for a Material Distributor position and Schlumberger was gonna start me off if I was selected at $23.00 an hour and a possiable raise to $25.00 once I went fulltime and benefits started, I was told benefits start after 6 months as your first 6 months is a probationary period and they review your status and then they offer you a position you can then get benefits. I don't know if this is like it throughout the company worldwide but I'm told that's how they do it in New Jersey, U.S.A. I have seen positions listed for clerical positins and said starting pay was $17.00 an hour which that is great pay for a clerical position. I was told they only work Mon-Fri, some overtime occasionally, 8:30am-4:30pm which this was in New Jersey, this location is not a drilling or manufacturing location, this is just offices and light shipping.

I didn't get the job I think due to me being somewhat nervous as it was my first interview in over ten years, alot has changed in those ten years and I think I may have been edged out for the position because I don't have computerized inventory experience. The main hiring person said he feels I would be a good addition to the Schlumberger Team, I hope he was being truthfull and not just saying that, I was there for almost 3 hours interviewing with 3 different people.

All I know is I want to work for Schlumberger and would be willing to relocate almost anywhere throughout the U.S.A at my expense to work for them!

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Goofy in Netherlands

19 months ago

I worked for them for around 15 years. Lets say salary is average, if you count the hours you work it is not too much. Additional if your service is not needed anymore you need to fight for your money. Since 6 months i am waiting for my medical expenses and from my share account there is also no response. So i am guessing all the money this lost.

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