Schneider Intermodal Dallas OC

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A. Driver in Dallas, Texas

99 months ago

I work there at Schneider National Dallas OC. I'm a local intermodal driver. The personnel there are good people but much has to be desired when it comes to pay. Your weekly hours can be from 55 hours to 70 hours (in 5 Days). You don't get paid by the hour. You get what's called "activity pay" but it equals out to be +/- about $10 an hour. This is from the time you get to work until you leave,or the amount of time your available to them to dispatch you and negotiate loads. Average pay for when your actually driving is more like +/- $15 an hour. There is no overtime and if your owed any money it usually takes 2 months to get it, but they will pay if your owed. I have received increase to pay but the is a matter of opinion. On the "activity pay" they do have a base minimum in case you have a bad week. I have had that increased, but I have never hit my minimum. So I have never seen this "increased pay" as it's called. So why am I still there? I like the people I work with. Management does care about you the driver and for the most part listen to your concerns. They are very sticked on safety. If you like dignity and respect, Schneider at Dallas is good to go. If your looking for pay, I recommend you look else where. Recently, I've started looking for other opportunities else where. My main complaint are the customers we have. Most of them are complex (or just plain stupid) and have many times cost me the days work, yes, do just that 1 load and that was my day. The average day is 3 - 4 loads. The compensation doesn't match the time and effort put in to deal with them. From what I hear, J.B. Hunt, Swift, NFI and a few others are not much better when it comes to pay. I hope this review is helpful.

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Anonimous in Carrollton, Texas

53 months ago

just to add to the comments above,if
anyone has a clean dac,do not drive for this
company,if they get too many complaints about you from any motorist they'll take their side and fire the driver weather the complaints are false or pathetic.

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