How to get a job at Shopko.

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Do you work at Shopko? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview?

Any advice for someone trying to get in?

Judy Griese in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

82 months ago

yes i just got a job there. they are opening a store near us so i applied online and they called me back and set up an interview.

So just go to shopko online click on careers or jobs and then apply to one in your area.

Good luck, with your enthusiasm for the job, you could definetley get it!

Lisa Ray in Nampa, Idaho

77 months ago

Looking to apply at shopko in nampa ID 83687

Heygirlhey in Crete, Nebraska

70 months ago

You don't want a job there trust me.
It's the worst job you will ever have.

Kaliaaa in Wisconsin

69 months ago

Well I was looking for a job for about a month after I quit the horrible horrible place called Aeropostale. Applied to many place and out of 7 places I got 3 interviews which were Sears, Charlotte Russe, and Shopko. Charlotte Russe I would have died to work there because I love the clothes but I didnt get it :(, but all good things happen for a reason. I randomly applied to Shopko for no reason at all I was just thinking Shopko is 5 mins away from my house so I'll just apply there for fun. I went online did the application and the questions really fast...haha...then in about 2-3 days(I forget) I got called for an interview. I was really shocked but 2 days after my interview I had an interview with Sears. I didnt go to the sears interview because of all these comments on this site about Sears workplace and ethics and how messed up they were. I guess I was just hoping for the Shopko interview to work out. Well I went to my interview got asked like 8 questions then she told me that she will call me if my background check comes in okay. Well about 3 days passed before she called me again and I got the job :). That was good cause I was definitely relying on getting this job. Well this is my first day of training and I must say I love it :)!!!!!!!! Everyone here is soooooo super duper nice. All my superiors are nice and environment is just respectful and friendly. That makes it even better to work here. Im glad I quit aeropostale to find a better paying job, better manager and supervisor and better workplace environment for me. At shopko I can feel at ease and know that my Shopko is one of the best in treating thier employees while doing thier job and getting respect from customers. I just love it here and can't wait for more days to come!

Juliska in Rice Lake, Wisconsin

17 months ago

Host said: Do you work at Shopko? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview?

Any advice for someone trying to get in?

I applied online on a Friday and a manager phoned me for an interview 3 days later. That was a pleasant surprise.

I think 2 things helped me get the job:

1) In the interview I said I'd already been a loyal Shopko customer for 10 years, so I already knew the general layout of the store and where to find things. I was/am a loyal customer because I really do think Shopko treats 3ustomers well and keeps a neat, clean, well-stocked store.

2) I've also been getting my prescriptions there for the past 10 years; therefore 2 pharmacists knew me, and I also knew them from church and local kids' sports. I told them I was going for a job there and even asked them to consider putting in a good word for me. Not sure if either one did.

3) I dropped off a hand written thank you note at the service desk a few days after the interview and asked the person to pass it on to my interviewer. I told 2 friends I did this and they were surprised I did so. They'd never thought to do that in their job hunting adventures. That surprised *me*. I'd often read and heard that this is an important thing to do. Doing this might have helped more than usual because customer service, friendliness, good manners are stressed very much.

Former shopko employee and shopper in Green Bay, Wisconsin

9 months ago

First you have to ask yourself if you REALLY want a job there.
If you do simply apply, interview and then be disappointed in the long run.
Pay is poor unless you get salary mgmt or office job (maybe dc as well). I was salaried mgmt and was disappointed.
Go check it out but Target would be better. At least they are fashionable.

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