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What do you think -- is this company going to survive and thrive? Are they looking to expand their staff, or do you think layoffs are inevitable?

How does Snelling Personnel Services stack up against the competition?

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Georgia in Clarkston, Georgia

116 months ago

If 70% markups and an internal staff that is always changing, then this is the company for you.

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Troy in Tucson, Arizona in Catawissa, Missouri

116 months ago

I've always gotten good jobs and been treated very fairly by Snelling personnel in Tucson. I'd recommend contacting the Tucson office to anyone searching for a job. I've also been in the position of selecting individuals for jobs and when a person had great skills but not for what I had to fill, I'd refer them to Snelling who would test and place immediately.

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Chris in Kalamazoo in Cleveland, Ohio

114 months ago

Snelling Personal services in Kalamazoo is always advertising for jobs. However, when you go in, or call, they never actually have any available. My wife has been calling them on and off for over 3 years, and has never gotton an assignment. Once, she even attended a "work shop" only to find that they had no work to offer. She got a babysitter and wasted the whole day for nothing.

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Missy in Hillside, New Jersey

113 months ago

I live in NJ and my experience with SNELLING has been awful.

1) WHEN YOU TAKE THE TESTS YOU DON'T AUTOMATICALLY GET A COPY (which you deserve, because it's your test)

2) JOB SEEKERS ARE SECOND-CLASS CITIZENS AT SNELLING. When called the company and asked for my representative, they said she was there. They asked if I'm an employer or job seeker (not even mentioning my name). When I replied job-seeker, without hesitation they said she was "busy".

3) THEY JERK YOU AROUND. Twice THEY CALLED ME to say there's a job available. I called and emailed them back a few times on both occasions and never got a response. Often when I inquired about posted jobs or applied online I never got a response.

I wouldn't recommend Snelling Personnel Services to anyone.. especially the Summit, NJ branch. Don't waste your time.

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Anonymous in Lawrenceville, Georgia

89 months ago

Beware job seekers. I found it quite surprising that a staffing agency in Atlanta has it written into their contract that if their client company does NOT the agency's fee as agreed upon then the "employee" is responsible for paying the fees or if the employee did not pay the fees then the employee would have to quit their job. I have worked as a temporary contractor on many occasions. I have also worked as a recruiter within a staffing office and I have NEVER seen a document within a staffing agency that stated that the "employee" would be obligated to pay the agency’s fees if the client company defaulted. When I was a recruiter we would conduct a credit check on a company before entering into a contractual agreement with them. If the contract was signed and the company later defaulted on their invoices then our internal collections department would attempt to recover the funds. We did not, under any circumstances, make it the responsibility of the employee to pay the agency’s fees if the client failed to pay as agreed. Is that ridiculous or what? I refused to sign this particular clause and the interview was terminated.

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