UPS First Interview Wednesday - Tour Today. Expect?

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Steven in Sacramento, California

71 months ago

Hey guys,

Today at 6AM I took a tour of my UPS facility where they showed all the diff jobs people do and the position applied for is package handler and its going to be an unloader they already told us. About 8 other applicants were at the tour. I dont know who was who but the head guy left and the girl had a clipboard and called our names up, I was first. She asked me "You in school? what hours you got class? filled out all your papers online? transportation to get here? can you do all the requirements of the job listed on the paper?" then gave me an interview for this Wednesday at 6am.

My questions are.
What am I going to expectedly be asked so I can prepared a little before this thing?

There were 8-10 of us, its a fulltime position they said but that they mentioned laying off maybe after the holidays and that its based on seniority all that stuff but didnt say it was seasonal.
So what do you think my odds are of getting the job?
And really what else should I do or expect at the interview?
I really wanna know cause I need this job bad.

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V in Clovis, California

71 months ago

Steven, have you gotten a call yet?

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Steven in Roseville, California

71 months ago

Well I did get a call the day before my interview asking for my social securuity number to run a background check for the position. Then I had the interview that day and he never gave me his number or I never asked for it, he basically just asked questions about my online application. I still havent gotten a call and my Interview was Wednesday morning and today is now Saturday 4:00AM...Im kinda getting disappointed, I had such high hopes

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Duncan in Sacramento, California

71 months ago

I got a call for orientation tomorrow. My interview was Nov 3rd. Hang in there Steven they may still call!

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