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97 months ago

Does a second interview with ups really take up to six weeks?

cc in Olive Branch, Mississippi

97 months ago

Olivia said: Does a second interview with ups really take up to six weeks?

no itdoesnt my call in was same day as walk thru. i was also told only a % of each group was taken. call em.. never hurts

Vinius in Cleveland, Ohio

95 months ago

I was also wondering something around those lines.I went to the tour,1st interview(walkin)and after the 1st interview I was givin a card with the date info of the 2nd interview... went to the 2nd interview and it was supriseingly very much like the first one, almost the same questions and everything.

My question is did anyone get hired on the spot on their 2nd interview or did everyone get the
"We'll give you a call if everything checks out" deal.

kenmei in Chicago, Illinois

94 months ago

huh?after the 2nd interview they will give u a number and told u
if u want to work here plz call that number.

kcx1112 in san jose, California

91 months ago

there is 2 interview? i only had one. My interview went great he assured me that i will get hired as soon as the background check goes through. How long did that take for you guys? Anybody here get hired on the first interview?

so i finished my interview with UPS on 11/07/07 and it went great. The manager made me feel like i was definitely going to get the job. He said the background check should be done after the weekend. its now 11/17/07 10 days after the interview and i have not heard a word from him. What should i do? Even if i didn't get the job, shouldn't they give me a call or something? I would contact them but i do not have there phone number. I applied for driver helper in san jose, on 7th street. Any help would really HELP.

kcx1112 in san jose, California

91 months ago

SAN JOSE, CA 95122

Rena in Monroe, Louisiana

85 months ago

I worked for UPS two seasons straight. I completed the online application and went in for orientation the next week. The following week I was working. They will continue to work you if you go in on time everyday, whether it is 30 minutes or 8 hours. The hours usually vary.

Penny in Atlanta, Georgia

37 months ago

I just finished a 2nd interview with the hiring manager's manager for a position at corporate 4/19. The hiring manager already let me know that I would be a great fit for the job. I was wondering about how long does the notification process take?...I really want this job.


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