My dream is to be a delivery driver for UPS

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Richard in Austin, Texas

34 months ago

Since I was little seeing the UPS driver come up the drive-way was exciting. I always wanted to deliver that excitement myself. I am 20 years old and I applied to be a part time package handler at my local (Austin, Texas) UPS. I would like to call or email them and show them how much I would love to work for this company. Where can I contact them? How long will it take for them to contact me? I have a flawless driving record, not tickets ever. I have never done illegal drugs and the only criminal charge I have gotten is "riding bike on business sidewalk." What are my chances of getting hired? Will it go up if I contact them?

Joe Gagill in Monticello, New York

34 months ago

I wish I was young again...but not young and dumb and always wanting to paint the bathroom walls white. Young as to being able to go back in time and right what went wrong in my life.

To answer your question. They should call you. They are always in need of handlers. Do that for a few years and you could then be promoted to drive the big brown truck, depending on how hard you work as a handler.

I wish you the best of luck. It's not as rosy of a picture as you think though.

Take Care.

Richard in Austin, Texas

33 months ago

I'd hate to bump my own thread but can anyone point me where I can apply in person or who I can call and talk with to show them I want the job?

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