They don't hire.

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Lilly A Whiter in Plymouth, Indiana

112 months ago

They just waste your time, like most places do nowadays, have you fill out their bullshet, and when you call to find out about your application, you get an automated voice mailbox. Then they never call you back to let you know sheeet. Most all the jobs are either temp to never hire, and we will call you. Getting a job is a bunch of sheeettt. You can't even get your foot in the door without a resume, an appointment to fill out a resume, or your fresh out of college..... really depressing... a person can starve while job searching.

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Toledo Mom in Whitehouse, Ohio

104 months ago

My son worked for the Walgreen's Dist. Ctr. in Perrysburg, OH, thru our local temp agency, Manpower. The job was advertised as full-time 40 hours per week at $10 per hour. He did make $10 per hour, but never got even close to 40 hours per week --usually 25 or less. They would have him drive the 20 miles to the center and then send him home after 4 hours. He worked there for a little over a month and his supervisor told him he was one of her best workers and had put in a good word for him for a permanent position.
Two days later, Manpower told him his "assignment" was ended by Walgreen's. The next week, however, my son's friend was told at Manpower that a temp job was available with Walgreen's Dist. Ctr.!!! We thought it was Manpower screwing my son over, but after reading these comments, I think it was Walgreen's. My son just needs a job for now to pay bills, wasn't planning on spending his life at the warehouse. BUT, even a good worker isn't wanted by Walgreen's-- they just want throw-away bodies. So, guess my son dodged a "bullet." Thanks to all for the warnings.

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minnesotaman in Becker, Minnesota

104 months ago

Everytime I go to a Walgreen's store to get something I only see like 3 employees and they just stand around and watch you go around the store lol

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