2nd job interview - now with the pharmacist

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pharmacy tech wanna be

90 months ago

I already had the 1st interview with the store manager and soon I will be having a 2nd interview with the pharmacist.

I really want to be a pharmacy technician; therefore can any body give me some advice or tips with the 2nd interview that is coming up?


pharmacy tech wanna be

90 months ago

still need your help

johnbradley77 in Concord, California

52 months ago

pharmacy tech wanna be said: still need your help

Assuming that your first interview was with someone at the Store MGT or DM level, the second interview is only a screening to see if you are going to be a good team member.

The first interview proved that you were the most proficient applicant they had. The second interview is at a direct management level so they can assess whether you mesh with your teammates for 8 hours a day 40 hours a week.

My advice. Do whatever you did in the first interview: It worked before! Be yourself; friendly, capable, and ready to hit the ground running. I would also bring in your ID and your eligibility to work document (SS Card or Birth Certificate) this shows you are confident that the job is yours and allows them to take the next steps in the employment process....

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